Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ladies' Clothing Swap Adoption Fundraiser

Towards the end of June a sweet friend of mine called me with a great idea. She and her husband wanted to contribute to our adoption fund, but they don't have a lot of extra funds to give so she wanted to know what I thought about a Ladies' Clothing Swap as a fundraiser. 

Each lady participating would bring 5 - 20 items of clothing they no longer wear and $5 to go to our adoption fund. We would gather together, snack and then draw a number. 

3 of us at a time (according to our number drawn) would go shop and pick one item each round. 

There were so many clothes donated! 

And not just clothes, there were shoes, jewelry and even a few household items.

One day Gabe decided that he wanted to help with adoption costs as well and has been making "prayer bracelets". We set those out to sell as well. I just love that sweet heart of his!

He still has a lot of bracelets and is making more everyday. If you would like one, let me know! I know he would love for you to buy one!

Ruth had her house decorated with some of my "China" things to set the mood. It looked fabulous!

Here is a picture of all of the guest. We had such a great time and we each came home with some great new-to-us things!!!

I also came home with $100 towards our adoption fund and some really sweet messages to our little girl! 

It warms my heart so much to know how prayed for, loved and supported we are and our little one is. I am so thankful to each person who has helped us out on our journey through thoughts, prayers, giving to a fundraiser, organizing a fundraiser and just being there to listen to us. God has blessed us immensely with each one of you! 

I wish I had more of an adoption update for you guys, but I don't. We are still waiting on our referral. Our agency expects us to be matched sometime between September and November. So, each day we get a little closer to seeing her face and know who we are praying for specifically. We have about $1,400 left to go on our adoption fund (which is amazing considering we started out with $28,000!). Another friend of mine approached me about doing a Jamberry fundraiser yesterday. If you don't know about Jamberry - they are awesome! It is super cool patterned stickers that go on your finger/toe nails and last 2 weeks at a time. Each sheet is only $10 and will last for multiple manicures. That fundraiser will start on August 11th and I will post more info on that then! Until then, just keep praying for us to wait patiently, to wait diligently, for our little one to stay safe and healthy and for a quick referral! Thanks, friends! 

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