Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 Last week the kids and I were on Spring Break. While on break we decided to try our hands at Geocaching. 

 Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online. 

We chose 5 locations that were listed on the Geocaching site and set out on our hunt. 

I was amazed at how many caches are registered right in our area!! Unfortunately, out of all five locations, we only found one cache. It was super exciting when we found it, though!

Inside each cache are little tokens. The rules are that if you take something out, you have to put something back in of equal value. Once you find a cache, there is a log inside that you sign and date and then you put it back where you found it for the next person to find. The caches range in size. The one we found was a camoflauged pill bottle.

These are the tokens found inside: 

It was really a fun experience! We will definitely be doing more Geocaching!

If you want to give Geocaching a try, you can go to www.geocaching.com. You can register there and get tons of information. Have fun!! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back to Life Walk

We are very excited to participate as a family in the "walk back to LIFE" event for our first time this year. Our family goal is to raise $1000 for the Denton's Women to Women Pregnancy Resource Center. Can you help us? If everyone who reads this blog can give just $10 towards our goal, we will make a big dent in our goal!

The "walk back to LIFE" event is a fundraiser benefiting Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center, Denton's pro-life ministry that seeks to be the Father's hands and feet by taking the "crisis" out of crisis pregnancies. Through their volunteers, women in unintended pregnancies learn the truth about their pregnancies, learn about all of their options, and because of the practical help they receive from Woman to Woman, they know someone cares about them. Most importantly, they hear of God's love through the gospel of Christ.

All of Woman to Woman's services are free and are made possible by generous donors and dedicated volunteers. You can help this ministry by sponsoring us as we walk.

If you would like to sponsor us just go to this link: http://www.ministrysync.com/event/website/?m=1282755
Select the Online Gift button on the right side of the page and you can make an online donation. It's quick and easy and will be so appreciated!

Thank you!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Burning Dandelions

Here is a post borrowed from my photography blog (www.cedarcreekphotography.blogspot.com).

A few months ago my husband showed my 7 year old little boy how to use a magnifying glass to start a fire. Now every time we are in the backyard and the sun is out, he wants to burn something (supervised, of course). I've told him the old saying that if you play with fire, you will wet the bed, but he doesn't believe me.  Yesterday our little pyromaniac was at it again, but when I saw that he wanted to burn a dandelion, I rushed in to get my camera. There is something very beautiful and surreal about the innocence of a dandelion and the harshness of fire meshed into one. It really made some striking images. 

Thanks for the photo inspiration, little fire-starter!

The Raminator

The Raminator came to visit Denton, TX last weekend! 

The kids were very impressed! It was huge!

Mig was the most excited to stop by the Dodge place to see the Monster Truck. He talked about it for days after seeing it. He was very unhappy when we drove by the Dodge place the next day and "Monstah Twuck" was gone. 

Don't worry Miggy, from what I understand PopPop is already planning to take you to the next Monster Truck show in Belton! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The AWANA Grand Prix

Last weekend Gabe entered a pine car into the AWANA's Grand Prix. He paid for his entry with his own money and had a great time making the car and did most of the work on it. 

In the end, he decided he wanted it to look like his Leopard Gecko, Leia. He named his car "Lagarto Loco", which is Spanish for Crazy Lizard! It ended up looking really good!!

He was very proud of the finished product.

The race was held at one of our church's buildings.

There were quite a few entries! I was really impressed with the creativity of these kids!

He was able to race his car several times. Each child put his or her car onto the ramp and then sat near the finish line at the bottom of the ramp while the attendant pushed a button to release all of the cars at the same time. 

Unfortunately, much like Gabe's lizard, the car was not very quick. He ended up being close to last on all of his heats, but he had a blast!! Here is a quick video of Lagarto Loco in action:

He received a blue ribbon for entering.

Gabe had so much fun designing, making and racing his car, that he is already planning his car for next year's Grand Prix!