Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April snow and Lake walks....

Last week we had quite a bit of is a picture.

This week we have ducks and geese!!! Gabe and I have really enjoyed taking walks around the lake here. It has been a little windy, but beautiful!!

The Many Faces of Gabe:

Dad Serna has requested pictures of here they are! He was into posing for the camera this morning!!

"Goofy Gabe"
"Happy Gabe"
"Mischievous Gabe"
"Sweet Gabe"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Surprise Shower and Last Trimester...

Last week, the ladies in my Wednesday morning Bible study threw me a surprise baby shower!! I was shocked! It was totally unexpected, especially since I have known them for such a short amount of time. We had a tea and breakfast with a view of Pike's Peak. Here is a picture of the party and the gifts Selah recieved:


Here I am at 7 months pregnant with Selah....I can't believe the last trimester is here!!