Thursday, May 30, 2013

San Antonio Part 1

It has been awhile since I last posted! I have been working on Pre-Prom and Senior pictures and have finally been able to start getting caught up on pictures from our visit to San Antonio! I have a lot, so I will post a few at a time as I am able to go through them. As a family we have been really, really busy this month. I will post more about what has been keeping us busy soon!

If you visit San Antonio, you have to see the Alamo. I think it may be a law. So we went and saw the Alamo. When getting ready for our trip, Mig's most important things to do were 1. Swim like a fish (which we were able to do in our hotel's very cold indoor pool) and 2. See guns. We saw guns at the Alamo. Big guns, little guns, pop guns. Mig was very happy.

It is prohibited to take pictures inside the Alamo, but behind the Alamo are some very beautiful grounds that were part of the original mission. I took a lot of pictures there - you know, to make up for not being able to take pictures inside.

Note Mig's excitement about the cannon! I think he thought it was a really big gun - which in all honesty, I guess it is....

If you are in San Antonio, be sure to go see the Alamo!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pre-Prom 2013

This year I was blessed to once again be able to photograph Belton High School's Pre-Prom for Special Needs Students. I had over 50 students come to me for portraits and photo booth like pictures. I always have a blast and leave with my heart full! I can't share any pictures of the students online, but here are a few I can share:

This year was a Fairytale Dreams theme:

Here was my set-up for the portraits:

Looking forward to next year!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

San Antonio!

Last week we were able to sneak off to San Antonio for a little family vacation! We had so much fun exploring the Alamo, riding down the river, eating Tex-Mex and playing at Sea World!

After our trip, I stayed in Belton and worked at Belton High School's Pre-Prom and did some Senior Portraits. As you can imagine, I have a lot of work yet to do! I will share more pictures of our San Antonio vacation soon!