Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break in San Antonio

My grandparents lived in San Antonio for many years. I have so many memories of where they lived and going to visit during the summer, so when we were deciding where we might like to go on Spring Break, San Antonio was at the top of my list. We have some great friends there, too, so the decision was easy! 

We pulled out of Denton, TX on Friday morning and stopped in Hico for lunch. 

We made it to San Antonio by the evening and just before it started raining. I cooked hot dogs in the RV and the kids watched a movie before turning in for the night. 

The weather the next morning was still rainy, so we went to a Children's Museum. 

We did get a little break in the rain to play in the outdoor exhibit.

Our favorite room was the music room.

After the museum, we went to Los Patios, a restaurant Memaw and Papaw used to take us. It was nice enough by then for us to eat outside. After our lunch, we walked the trails by the restaurant.

Gabe even found a Geocache!

On Sunday we went to the Japanese Tea Garden and ate at the tea house there. It was fantastic!!

That evening we were able to hang out with some long-time-dear friends.

On Monday morning we saw some more friends! The DeKoning's were friends of ours in Colorado and then moved to Denton not long after we did. A few years ago they moved to San Antonio to help start a church. Their church is thriving and growing!

They have a super fun backyard!

That evening we hung out at the RV park. Byron grilled dinner for us on his tiny grill. 

And Mig lost a tooth!

We spent Tuesday on the river walk and ate some great Mexican food!

We took a boat ride, saw the Alamo and took a carriage ride.

 We spent our last day in San Antonio at the Zoo. 

We even rode the Zoo train.

Usually I would have more pictures of a fun trip like this. Sadly, the only pictures we have, are the pictures we took with our phones. 

After the zoo we went to eat and I left my camera in the truck. I pushed it up under the seat, but I guess it wasn't hidden enough. Someone got into the truck (it looks like they picked the lock) and took my camera. Nothing else. Just the camera and all of the beautiful pictures from our trip. It is sad; my camera would go everywhere with us and I am still morning the loss somewhat. I am thankful that there was nothing else in the truck - no cards, or ids or anything,  and that the truck was not stolen.  The kids were pretty shook up about the loss, and so we had a good lesson on the camera being just a "thing" and that is why we store up our real treasures in heaven - where thieves can't break in a steal.  

Even though we had a minor tragedy the last day of our trip, we had a really great time in San Antonio! It was a fun Spring Break!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Weekend on the Lake

 The weekend after Valentine's Day, we went camping at a site not too far from us.

It was a fun weekend get-away!

The kids threw rocks in the lake, ran around outside and had a great time!

Baylor was in Labrador heaven! He swam everyday and could not get enough of the chilly water.

What is camping with out s'mores?

We watched the boats leave the dock.

And went hiking in the woods.

The end of the trail led to a tunnel!

Mostly, we made some really great memories.

My little budding photographer, Selah, took the following pictures.

Lake life is amazing!