Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby's Homecoming Outfit

Yesterday, the kids and I made a sweet outfit for the baby. Inspired by a picture in our Family Fun magazine we used Gabe's thumbprint and Selah's fingerprint to create these cute little chickies - and I added the details. I think it turned out great! We paired it with some yellow preemie pants and a yellow cap (with a white ribbon we can attach if the baby is a girl) to make a precious, and somewhat sentimental, gender neutral outfit to bring the baby home it!


Gabe and Selah have spent most of this week SICK! Poor babies. They both woke up Tuesday morning with running noses, sneezes that wouldn't stop, and sore throats. By Wednesday they were both running low grade fevers. Thursday they were congested and coughing and finally today they are feeling better - though still coughing and a little congested. Whew! What a loooOOOoonng week for all of us! They remained on the couch most of the week, snuzzled in blankets and cuddling with each other.

Starting the Baby Book

Here are the first few pages of our baby book. I am going to do most (if not all) of it digitally and then print them out using

The Snake...

On Monday we were surprised to find a little black snake in the apartment. I quickly (left Selah sitting on the toilet and ) grabbed my broom and dust pan and showed it the door. Then I swept it off of our porch for good measure. Once the snake was safely outside (and Selah was off the potty) we headed out to inspect our unwelcomed visitor. I think the fall from the 2nd story balcony stunned it because it was still where it had fallen - though squirming a bit. Gabe played peek-a-boo with it for a few minutes and then we headed back to our snake-less apartment.
Then we researched the internet and found out that it was a harmless Texas Blind Snake. It was just a bit thicker than a pencil and around 10 inches long - which is as long as they get. They eat ants and insects. So I guess I have our visitor to thank for the missing black ants in the bathroom! To finish out our exciting day, Gabe and Selah made Texas Blind Snakes out of paper plates.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

And now for another story time with Gabe (and Selah)...

We went to the library yesterday and Gabe choose this book, picked it up and just started reading. Then he said he wanted to read it on the blog. So here you go! Another story time with Gabe. He was supposed to be reading to Selah, who decided it was really more fun to just watch herself on the computer! It's still very cute, though - and I am so proud of my little budding book worm!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Nursery!

The nursery is finished! I had my heart set on doing a "Twinkle Little Star" nursery theme, but wouldn't you know it, as soon as I was ready to order the bedding, it was out of stock. So the whole family headed over to Babies r Us and choose this Grasshopper theme! I never would have thought to do grasshoppers in the nursery, but it turned out soooo cute!! I love the green, orange and muted blue color combination! And did I mention that we got a great deal on it?!? Here is our nursery....

An up-close look at the bedding details - and a blanket that I knit for our little one.

Our late night snuggle corner.

This is some artwork I created to match the theme ... grasshoppers jumping through numbers and letters.

I bought the "WISH" and stars when I thought we were doing the Twinkle Little Star theme - but I made them work with our decor.

Selah and I put this together one day while Gabe was at VBS. A representation of my 3 little grasshoppers!

It is Papaw's tradition to present each expectant momma in the family with a stuffed animal for the new baby. Gabe got a cute little puppy dog, Selah got a white tiger momma and baby and this baby got a turkey! I think it is cute...but wonder if there is hiden meaning? I still have the animal he gave my mom when she was pregnant with me!

The Big Kids' Room

When Gabe and Selah became room-mates I asked them how they would like to decorate thier new room. I was beyond thrilled when they decided on VeggieTales!! WE LOVE VEGGIETALES! I think I like them as much or more than the kids! So here is thier completed VeggieTale's Themed room...

I love how these turned out! I found these quilt squares on ebay and mod-podged them to some canvases, painted the outside black, and voila! custom VeggieTales artwork. Each one has lines from the movies - so cute!

This is where we "organize" their art supplies.

They have done so well adapting to being room-mates and they seem to LOVE their new room!

Look, Mom! No training wheels!

Gabe decided that he is ready to take the training wheels off of his bike. What a big boy he is getting to be. So, suited up with his safety gear, Daddy took him out to teach him how to ride on 2 wheels. He hasn't quite mastered it yet, but I know it won't be long until he is zipping down the trail with no trouble!

Selah thought she was ready to give her tricycle a go, but her legs just aren't quite long enough yet.