Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gabe can ride a bike!!

Last weekend Byron went to Target and bought a Sony Bloggie! I have been looking at these for months now. It is awesome! It is an HD Video Camera that also does stills and the best part is it is about the size of a cell phone!! Perfect for the diaper bag! It is so easy to use, now without further ado, our first video on our new Pocket Camera: Gabe riding his bike without training wheels set to none other than "Bicycle Race" by Queen! Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surprise Daddy Baby Shower!!

A couple of weeks ago I got a call saying that Byron's co-workers were going to be throwing him a "Surprise Daddy Baby Shower". I kept it a secret!! YAY! I told Gabe and Selah the morning of the shower and we prepared by making some Gluten-Free brownies and decorating them with blue and pink icing. Then I let the kiddos lick the icing container while I cleaned the kitchen.

When we got to the lab it was decorated and ready for the guest of honor....

And Gabe was ready to shout, "SURPRISE!!"

He was very surprised - and so was Selah. I think the shout scared her a bit...

But she was better after a hug from Daddy.

The cake was super yummy!

We were blessed with gifts of diapers, wipes, clothes, a blanket, paci's and some gift cards!!

Those aren't for you, Daddy!!

The kids loved drawing on the white board. By the way, how sweet was it for them to use one of our maternity pictures as decoration!!

Gabe and Selah even got showered with presents! They were so surprised!!

We are so thankful and touched by the love and support that Byron's co-workers showed us through this sweet shower!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maternity Pictures

Time for maternity pictures. I took some with both of the other kiddos - so I knew I had to do some with this one, too. It was quite the experience, though. These were not really what I had in mind. Byron had Friday off and we were going to take them then. Our apartment complex is surrounded by beautiful old oak trees and so the plan was to take them out by the trees. We headed out with Selah in her stroller, the camera, the tripod, and the remote. Byron set the tripod up facing a big, gorgeous tree and I set the camera settings and walked over to the family to get in place when a big gust of wind came and knocked over the camera! It took a major hit and has a big boo-boo to show for it. My heart jumped into my throat, but it didn't seem too bad. We set back up - a little sturdier this time and tried again, but the shutter wouldn't work. We tried again. Still nothing. So we headed back to our apartment. The whole way I was trying not to break down and cry - both because the camera seemed to be broken and because our photo op was now ruined. We got home, Byron took off the lens, we tried my other lens - still nothing. Then Byron took off the lens again and blew into the camera - something I would never do! But you know what - it worked!! I guess the impact of hitting the concrete just knocked something loose and blowing into it got it back in place. I don't know!! Anyway, by that time I was totally over getting pictures by the trees and decided we would try again in front of our fireplace (with no threat of wind) the next day. I think I am happier with the coziness of these pictures than I would have been with the outside shots anyway!!

This is one of my favorites:

And this one, too!

The focus isn't just right, I think it is in part from the fall the camera took and part in that I didn't reset the focus between pictures and we were moving around, but I still love our family shots. Soon, I will be shooting our newest family member!!