Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And a Chimichanga, Too!

The evening after Selah's party, we did the traditional Serna Family party at Casa Ole! This is always a really fun time!

Selah opened presents as we waited on our food.

Then, the wait staff at Casa Ole came out to sing their special song - which is always very loud - plus by now all of the cousins know the words and sing along making for quite the spectical. "Happy Birthday to you and a Chimichanga, too. Guacamole, chile con queso and a cheese enchilada, too. At Casa Ole, it's our way to say - Happy Birthday dear Selah (Selah)! Happy Birthday to you!" At this point Selah started crying. She did NOT like the noise or the attention (she's my shy one). This of course, made the servers feel very bad. Poor thing!

But, a hug from Daddy and the cherry on top of her Sundae made everything better!

Selah's Strawberry Shortcake Party

Selah decided a long time ago that she wanted a Strawberry Shortcake themed party. Lucky for us, the party store in Belton had a whole section of Strawberry Shortcake party stuff!!!

Here is the birthday girl right before the guests started arriving. She picked out this dress in Miami to wear for Grandpa's birthday and her own birthday and I knitted the headband to go with it! She looked adorable!

This is Tali playing "Pin the Strawberry on the Vine". It turned out to be a fun party game for all of the kids!

I had ordered pizza from Papa John's online two days before the party. We waited and waited for it to arrive. While we were waiting we played more party games. A favorite is the pull string pinata!

The pizza was about 30 minutes late by this time, so we decided to open gifts while Daddy called about it.....well, silly me, I ordered it for 11:30 pm instead of 11:30 am!! I was so embarrassed!! Luckily, Daddy and Papa Johns sprung to the rescue and they were able to deliver it to us by 12:30.

Selah had asked for a big girl bike with training wheels. She opened all of her presents and then I asked her if she got everything she first she said she did, but then she realized that she had not gotten her bike. Daddy went outside and brought it in and boy was she excited!!!

The pizza finally did arrive and then we had dessert. Thanks to GiGi for this beautiful and yummy cake! 

After cake we played a little more and Tali and Mig played a little kissing cousins game! It was really adorable....Mig was standing near Tali and she went over and kissed him. Then they repeated it about 3 times while all of the grown-ups cooed!

After the guests left, Selah decided it was time to try out that new bike!

PopPop showed us his mad scooter skills:

A sweet moment - Selah is such a complete Daddy's Girl!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Froese Family Portraits

While I was in Belton I had the privilege to take some updated pictures of my sister-in-law and my nephews.  Aren't they sweet?!?





And my gorgeous sister-in-law, Nicol:

The Rest of our 4th Celebrations

After the parade we headed back to my parents' house and had a barbeque lunch. During lunch, my little nephew Adrik decided he would take his first steps! Then after lunch we pulled out a little splash pad for some water fun. My brother-in-law and I spent about 15 minutes setting up the splash pad (he did most of the work). Then the kids had a blast in it for all of 5 minutes! Ha!!

Adrik and Mig:

All that partying really wore PopPop out! 

We had planned on going to the city's firework show, but it didn't start until 9:00pm - WAY past my kiddos bedtime. I'm not sure it would have been fun for anyone! Instead, we broke out some glow sticks, made glow drinks and ate patriotic popcorn the kids and I made the day before while watching the PBS firework show on TV! PopPop loved this idea - mainly because we got to sit in the air conditioning in our pjs to see them!

It was a super fun day and a great way to celebrate our independance!

Belton's 4th of July Parade

We have had a fun, but BUSY summer!! I have a lot of catching up on the blog to do! I am going to make a bunch of seperate posts on here from our Belton trip this week and then I think I will be caught up. I am starting with the Fourth of July Parade. We met Papa Serna and the Froese's  in front of the court house, dressed in Red, White and Blue to see Belton's annual 4th of July Parade.

We even knew a few of the participants!! Here is Jeremiah marching with the Belton Marching 100....he's  the one just left of the center of the picture.
 AND it was also Jonathan's first time marching with the band! (Again, just left of the center of the picture.) 

Selah LOVES Jacob! She sat in his lap nearly the entire parade!

Mig and Auntie Nicol:

Gabe got kind of bored of the parade after awhile, but it didn't keep him from being super patriotic!

Mig, on the other hand loved the parade! He waved his little flag and screamed and shouted at every parade entry. He especially loved the tractors and big trucks!

Selah with Papa Serna and Ana:

It was hot, but we had a great time and made lots of fun memories!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Celebrating Cow Appreciation Day!

Today is Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation day! The great thing about this is that when you go to Chick-fil-A dressed as a cow you get free food! And I am not talking about some skimpy freebie - you can order ANYTHING off the menu and not pay a cent!

Our family loves to dress-up as a cow and get our free Chick-fil-A each year and now you can dress up, too!

I have put a mask template up on Google Docs to share with anyone who needs a cow costume. This is so easy! All you have to do is print this template on cardstock:

You can also get free printables straight from Chick-fil-A HERE. This is where I got our signs last year.

Cut around it, and cut out the eye holes. Color the "nose" pink or make an extra template to trace the nose onto pink paper and paste to the template. Attach a string, or what I like to do is get a few old sunglasses (or 3D movie glasses), punch out the lenses and hot glue the mask to the glasses. The great thing about that method is that they are easy for the kids to put on and take off and you can wear them on your head and still look cute!

Now go get you some free chicken sandwiches!! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Greats!

Two days after our last day of school, the kids and I headed down to Belton for a week of extended family time!

There will be many, many more pictures to come of our time in Belton - we had tons of fun - but for now I just wanted to share this picture of Memaw and Papaw with my kiddos and thier cousins. I really wanted to spend some quality time with Memaw and Papaw during the week, and we were able to do just that!

In case you were wondering which baby is which, from left to right it is Gabe, Papaw holding Tali, Charli Kate, Memaw, Adrik, Selah and Mig.

Our End of Year Celebration!

June 27th was our last day of homeschool for the 2011-2012 year! We homeschool August through June with one week off per month. In June we only do school 3 days a week, then we take the entire month of July off. The kids accomplished so much this year and I am so proud of the work we have all done! We had a big party to celebrate the end of they year.

We turned our front room into a homeschool gallery by hanging up and displaying art projects, writing samples, and other work we did during the year.

During the school day we worked on our memory books. We use these freebies from Confessions of a Homeschooler. (I LOVE her site!)

I also set out all of Gabriel's notebooks. For almost everything we do, Gabe makes a notebook page with a narration. It was so much fun to look at all of the pages he made throughout the year!

We ordered pizza for dinner and had a family presentation time. I asked both Gabe and Selah to think of something to do to show what they have learned this year. Selah chose to read a book:

When she was finished, our "principal", Daddy, presented her with her Certificate of Promotion to Kindergarten!

Gabe decided to sing two of the Seed's Family Worship Bible Verses we learned - and Mig helped!

Gabe was also presented a Certificate of Promotion to the Second Grade!

We had an outstanding school year! I am excited about what the next year will bring!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Selah!

It is so hard to believe that four years ago today we welcomed our precious Selah into our family. She is the sweet creamy center of our oreo cookie! The only girl surrounded by brothers. She is sweetness and sunshine with a little spunk! Happy Birthday, Selah! We love you!