Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Field Trip!

Last week, the kids and I took a field trip to the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth.

A few months ago, we joined a little homeschool co-op of sorts. Each month we meet with 4 other (large) families and each child shares something they have learned in their school time that month. When everyone has shared, we do a little song time, play time (think recess) and lunch together. It has been awesome!!! It was this group that got together to do the field trip.

The village was so neat! The kids were able to try on clothes from that time period (1800's):

See what it was like to pump water from a well:

Watch a black smith make a nail:

Experience a one-room school house - complete with punishment:

And more including seeing how a mill works, and how they go from a fiber to string, to cloth, to clothes! It was a great learning experience and so fun!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One year of waiting...

One year ago today our application for adoption was approved officially starting our adoption process. With the approval, we were told that the wait time then was 6 -12 months from the approval time to a referral (or match). So one year ago today, we thought we would know our daughter's name and have seen her face. 

I am doing a 365 challenge this year. This is a challenge to take one photo everyday. I do iPhone photos for my 365 and post them to Instagram. Usually I follow a prompt. Today's prompt was "a favorite word". I picked up this candle holder at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago - just couldn't pass it up! I knew when I saw the prompt that this would be my photo. This process has been such a labor of love and a picture of God's unrelenting love for us. The wait is hard, but we know that the details are all in God's hands. and we are ready to wait as long as we have to for our little one. Each day brings us one day closer to her. 

Cinco de Mayo fun!

We had a fun Cinco de Mayo fiesta yesterday!!! 

I made enchiladas, rice and beans for dinner. During the day the kids each made a brown bag piñata. (Put about 3 handfuls of candy into a brown lunch sack. Fill the rest of the sack with crumpled newspaper. Punch holes around the top of the sack and then weave a long piece of yarn through the holes, pull tight to close the top. Then decorate the sack with strips of tissue paper cut into fringes.) After dinner they were able to beat their pinatas.

Love Selah's girly piñata!

As you can tell - they had a blast!!

Selah wore a dress that we bought in San Antonio last year and looked adorable. I asked if she would pose for a few pictures:

Mig also wanted to pose for a picture! 

After the piñata fun, we went inside and had "fake" sopapillas - I cut tortillas in fourths and fried them in some veggie oil. Then I sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar, drizzled some caramel syrup and topped it all with whipped cream! YUM!! It was a fun day!!

Kids Praise Spring Concert

On Sunday Gabe and Selah performed with our church's children's choirs. 

They have been practicing hard all year for the Spring Concert. Selah is a member of the Kindergarten Choir. She had a speaking part in her performance and did so well!!

She also had a small (non-speaking part) as one of Charles Wesley's siblings:

 Gabe is in the 2nd-3rd grade choir and had the part of Charles Wesley in the drama part. 

Gabe reminded me so much of his Papa Russ while singing. I remember watching my daddy sing in the choir and he just couldn't hold still - he was constantly bouncing to the beat or swaying to the music. Gabe is the same - he FEELS the music and can't keep still. 

At the end of the program awards were given to choir students who had memorized 10 hymns and a Bible verse for each. Gabe received a personalized hymn book for his work.

And now for the best part - the performances! Here is a short video of Selah and Gabe's speaking parts. You are about to be blessed! Turn the volume up and enjoy!!