Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One year of waiting...

One year ago today our application for adoption was approved officially starting our adoption process. With the approval, we were told that the wait time then was 6 -12 months from the approval time to a referral (or match). So one year ago today, we thought we would know our daughter's name and have seen her face. 

I am doing a 365 challenge this year. This is a challenge to take one photo everyday. I do iPhone photos for my 365 and post them to Instagram. Usually I follow a prompt. Today's prompt was "a favorite word". I picked up this candle holder at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago - just couldn't pass it up! I knew when I saw the prompt that this would be my photo. This process has been such a labor of love and a picture of God's unrelenting love for us. The wait is hard, but we know that the details are all in God's hands. and we are ready to wait as long as we have to for our little one. Each day brings us one day closer to her. 
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