Monday, April 9, 2018


 "The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom to Japan, the lily to France, the rose to England and the tulip to Holland." -Jack Maguire

  "It's not only the state flower but also a kind of floral trademark almost as well known to outsiders as cowboy boots and the Stetson hat." 

While we were in Belton we stopped by the most beautiful bluebonnet field near the house where Byron grew up to take a few pictures. Nothing says spring in Texas quite like bluebonnets. 

Happy Easter Fool's Day!

Byron had an awesome opportunity to go to Romania to teach an Old Testament Survey class. He left on Good Friday and was there for a week. 

Since Byron wouldn't be with us for Easter, the kids and I decided to go down to Belton to spend Easter weekend with my parents. 

The kids were excited about their Easter baskets and we had donut empty tombs for breakfast. We even made Resurrection cookies and ate them for breakfast, too. 

After breakfast everyone started getting ready for the day. I had finished getting dressed and was chatting with my mom in the kitchen when Gabe walked in holding the side of his face which was dripping blood. He very calmly said, "The ceiling fan hit me in the head". My mom started going into hyper-drive motion, but my sister, Amanda, and I just stared at him. Both of us thought he made some pretty awesome costume make-up and was pulling an April Fool's Day trick since this year Easter was on April Fool's Day. 

Finally, I looked into his eyes and firmly said, "Gabe, if this is an April Fool, you better tell me right now." 
He replied, "Mom, I promise. I am NOT fooling!". 

Gabe had been on the top bunk in the kids room in my parent's house. PopPop had put a switch cover over the fan switch so that no one could turn the fan on by accident. Well, the ever curious Mig, wanted to know exactly what that switch did and messed with the switch cover turning on the fan. Since the fan is never on in that room, it didn't even occur to Gabe to watch out for it when he was taking his books and things off that bed to pack up. 

Amanda and I sprang into action. Mom guided him to the couch, I grabbed a wet washcloth for his head and Amanda started cleaning the floor where blood had dripped as he stood there. 

After seeing the gash in his forehead, we felt a little better. It wasn't as bad as all of the blood made it seem, but we decided that he needed to go to Urgent Care. I grabbed his shoes, my purse and the keys and Amanda carried him to the van. 

Gabe was scared, but smiled the whole time we were in Urgent Care. 

After the doctor looked at it, he decided that he would need 3 stitches. 

We were in and out of Urgent Care in time for a big Easter lunch! 

When we got home, we had a little Easter service in the living room. 

After lunch it was time for fun!! What is Easter without an egg hunt?!?

The adults had as much fun watching the hunt as the kids did hunting. 

Mig found the golden prize egg. 

After the egg hunt, the kids had a confetti egg war!

The only rule was NOT to hit Gabe in the head with the confetti eggs. Mig very gently broke one over Gabe's head and sprinkled the confetti all over him. 

After the fun, it was time for dessert and presents for the birthday boy! 
Amanda and I made lemon meringue pies for him.

Despite a rough morning, we had a great Easter. It was so fun to spend it in Belton!

My hero for the day was Amanda!! I was so glad she was there to sit with us at Urgent Care. I was trying so hard to be calm for Gabe, though I was completely freaked out. She helped me stay level headed and didn't even make fun of me for forgetting our address as we checked Gabe in! I have never had to deal with an emergency without Byron - let alone him being out of the country. I'm so thankful that she and my parents were there to help us all out.

And here is a sweet picture of the kids and I in our Easter clothes. Thank you, Momma, for getting all of the blood out of Gabe's outfit so fast!! 

It was definitely an Easter to remember!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Triplets turn 7

The Stepanov Triplets had another fun and exciting birthday party! This year they each wanted their own theme, so Rachel planned 1 party with three themes. 

Charli Kate had a "Lost in Oz" party.

Adrik had a Nascar party.

Tali had a Geology party.

Adrik's party had a hot wheels race.

Tali's had a cave with fluoride pieces that needed to be excavated. 

Charli Kate's party had a cardboard box maze. 

 Everyone had a great time celebrating our favorite threesome!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring Break at the Great Homeschool Convention

Spring has finally sprung in Texas! It seems like this was an exceptionally cold winter, though we didn't get any snow or ice, so everyone has been looking forward to warmer weather. We had our regular Spring Break from homeschool in the middle of March. 

We saw a movie with friends and we were able to do a little geocaching and found 3 caches! 

The flowers, birds and bees are all glad it is spring, too! This group of Cedar Waxwings stopped by our neighborhood for a few days. 

Jasper (or as Gabe spells it, "Jaspurr") is enjoying the warm weather as well. 

We did something new this year during Spring Break. We went to a Homeschool Convention. We had so much fun and learned SO much as we look forward to a new step in our homeschool journey - homeschooling high school. 

I love The Read-Aloud Revival Podcast and website! At the convention I was able to meet the show's host and author of the books Teaching from Rest and The Read-Aloud Family, Sarah MacKenzie. She is just as nice in person as she seems to be on the podcast. 

The kids were also able to meet a few favorite authors including S.D. Smith author of The Green Ember Series and Chuck Black, author of The Kingdom Series. Gabe was really excited to meet the author of his Science Text book, Jay Wile. 

 We would highly encourage homeschool families to attend a convention. We left feeling more empowered and encouraged as we seek out the best education that we can give our children. Homeschooling is hard work, but it helps to know that you are not in it alone. I imagine our first homeschool convention experience will not be our last one.