Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mig is SEVEN!!

Seven years old! I can't believe how big he is getting. Every morning for the last almost 7 years, Mig would wake up and come sit in my lap and cuddle for at least 5 minutes. Just about two weeks ago he was sitting in is spot and looked up at me and said, "Mom, I think I am getting too big to sit in your lap. Starting tomorrow I won't sit in your lap anymore." Oh, my, goodness - talk about break a momma's heart!! True to his word, the only morning since then that he has sat in my lap was a morning he woke up sick. He is getting so big! 

This year Mig has had a real interest in learning the drums - and he has great rhythm. Many times I can hear him playing drums while Gabe plays piano - and they actually sound pretty good!! 

He is still my class clown and will do almost anything for a laugh. In fact, he thinks the poop emoji is the funniest thing ever and has asked for a poop emoji birthday cake. I hope it will taste better than it looks....


Happy birthday, Mig! We love you and the joy and happiness you bring to our family. We are so blessed to be your parents! 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Not over the hill yet...

Byron celebrated his last 30-something birthday this month. 

We celebrated with his niece, Emily and nephew, Jonathan who are both in college close by. 

Gabe thought it would be funny to put trick candles on his cake. It turns out, it was both funny and useful!! I had many opportunities to get a great picture! 

Of course - there were also plenty of opportunities for silliness, too. Don't ask....

We were also able to celebrate with some of our dearest friends who invited us over for fajitas and fun! 

Such a fun birthday!! I'm already trying to think of something big for his big 4-0! 

Homeschool Spirit Week 2017

We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how about you?!?

The last week of September is International Homeschool Spirit Week. We love to join in and post our spirit days.

Monday was Pajama Day:

Tuesday was Giving Day. We decided to give with crazy socks on. This year we chose gifts from Compassion International's Gift Catalog.  

Wednesday was Super Hero Day. Faith was Super Doctor (her shirt looks like a lab coat), Selah was Sky Volt from Liv and Maddie, Gabe was Super Akward Dude and Mig was the infamous Captain Underpants!

I joined in as Super Mom, too!

Thursday was Crazy Hair Day:

Friday was Out and About Day. Selah and Mig had dentist appointments, so we went to the dentist office! 

Spirit Week is really a fun way to celebrate being homeschoolers and to take a break from the mundane. The kids look forward to Spirit Week each year and every year is more fun than the last!

Monday, October 2, 2017

A trip to Canton

A few weeks ago Byron and I were able to sneak off on our own, thanks to GiGi and PopPop! 

I have always wanted to go to the big fair/flea market at Canton, so that is what we planned to do. 

We found the cutest RV park and booked it for Friday to Sunday. We later found out that Canton only has the fair on the first Monday (and the weekend before the first Monday) of the month. We were there around the 3rd weekend of the month. Oh, well!!

We still did a little shopping. Canton is a super cute town!

 We even met some of our sweetest friends for dinner on Friday evening! 

On Saturday we started out with a game of Frisbee golf at the RV park. 

 I found some really great Frisbee Golf with a Twist free printables on The Dating Divas website. There is a challenge for each hole before the first disk is thrown. Also, the winner at each hole chooses a prize (hug, kiss, or combo) but the loser of each hole has to do sit-ups, squats or push-ups. I can not get those discs to go where I want them to, so I really got a work-out that morning! 

I did finally win one hole! 

It was a fun time! Go to the The Dating Divas website sometime - they have some really fun ideas!!

Saturday afternoon, we took a vineyard tour at Tara Winery. 

Our tour guide is a Biologist - working on his masters - so he and Byron had fun talking about all of the science-y stuff behind the wine making process. 

I was excited to find some grapes on the vine! It was a really beautiful vineyard! 

We ate dinner at a nice restaurant and had a lazy Sunday morning. 

What a nice weekend get away! 

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Compassion Experience

Many people have heard of Compassion International and the work it does in finding sponsors for children living in poverty around the worlds. The kids and I were able to attend an immersive exhibit showing exactly what Compassion International does for these children and an example of what type of children they help. 

The Compassion Experience we attended had two children's stories. 
We were given an iPod and earbuds and went on a guided tour through rooms set up just like the places where these children lived.

 This plate of rice was an example dinner for an entire family.

We were led into the almost hopeless stories of these children. One young boy in Kenya was thrown into prison at the age of 9 because he had resorted to stealing food to live. 

Then we heard the difference Compassion International and the children's sponsors made to their lives. Through the Compassion program they were provided food, education, hygiene and most of all, love. 

 The things provided by Compassion International changed the lives of these children and provided them a way out of the darkness they lived in. Their families lives were changed as well. 

My children's eyes were opened to the blessings they have compared to so many in the world. They became aware of the needs of others and their compassion grew - all from this experience! 

The Compassion Experience is a traveling exhibit and there may be an event near you soon! Go HERE to find out more.