Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2018!

Happy Chinese New Year from our little Faith! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day 2018

Nothing can separate us from 
the love of God.
 Romans 8:39

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Grand Prix 2018

One of our favorite AWANA activities is the Grand Prix! 

We buy our car kits in November and start working on them mid-January. 

Our church sets up a workshop and makes wood working tools available to cut, shape and sand the cars. The kids all bring their designs with them to the workshop.

Daddy does a lot of the cutting - thankfully. 

This year we surprised PopPop with a car that the kids and I designed just for him. 

The next step is to paint and decorate the cars. 

They check the cars in the week before the race. They have to weigh no more than 5 ounces and meet other race criteria. 

Mig made a Minecraft Creeper and Faith made a rainbow car. 

Selah's is the watermelon. 

Byron's car is the red one, PopPop's is behind Byron's - the green with pin stripes, and Gabes is next to the red car. He modpodged the lyrics and music to the Cubby's theme song on his because he leads the Cubby's during their music time and plays the theme each week on his keyboard. 

They line up with their cars and watch as they race down a track. 

Faith won 1st place in the Sparks group for craftsmanship. 

Selah won 3rd place AWANA theme for the T and T group (her car had the fruit of the spirits listed on top).

PopPop won 3rd place speed for the Trek, Journey and Adult group! 

Byron's car won 1st place speed for his group. He had a class that morning, so Faith accepted his award. 

PopPop also won 1st place Craftsmanship! 

Gabe won 1st place AWANA Theme! 

We all had FUN!

Here is a video of the race. Enjoy! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

AWANA Trek Bible Quiz

Last Saturday we did not get to sleep in like we normally do on Saturday mornings, but it was for a good cause. Gabe participated in the Trek Bible Quiz state competition! 

The AWANA director gave all of the Denton Bible teams a sweet pep talk before the competition started. 

Gabe was on Denton Bible Team D - Denton Bible Church had the most teams enter the competition - 4 in all!

There was a mix of multiple choice and speed questions to answer for various point levels. 

The speed questions were either lists, definitions or scripture passages.

To answer them, you had to be the first team to buzz in. Gabe's team was quick on the buzzer. (Sometimes a little too quick - buzzing in before the question was completed.)

Here is a picture of the group of 6-8th graders that participated with their high school coaches. 

Gabe's team made it into the championship round where 7 of the 15 teams would compete. Their team won 4th place! 

What a fun way to hide God's Word in your heart! 

We are so blessed to have the kids in the AWANA program!