Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sandy Lake Park Field Trip

Hi! This is Selah. I would like to tell you about our favorite field trip this year at Sandy Lake Park with the Han girls! 

At Sandy Lake there were rides, golf, swimming, and shows.

While we were on the train ride, they told us that when this tree was a baby, a tornado came through and twisted it!

 All Faith really wanted to do was ride a horse......

 Until she saw the swings!!

I competed in a hula hoop contest.

I didn't win, but I still got a prize! 

Abigail wanted to go on the paddle boats. We had a lot of fun 

Our last ride was called the Pretzel. It was a haunted house ride - but it wasn't too scary, especially since I kept my eyes closed!

We loved Sandy Lake Park.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Middle School Choir Concert

Gabe's Middle School Choir recently had their spring concert. 

Gabe rocked a solo and a speaking part. He did an outstanding job!!

You can listen here:

I am just now getting used to the fact that Gabe is in middle school...just in time for Selah to join him in the fall. 

Isn't this a great looking group?!?

The whole concert was so great! They even received a standing ovation at the end. Then, two weeks later, they took their show on the road. All the way to Oklahoma. They sang at two churches, did a service project and went to a water park. Gabe had a blast!!

What a blessing to hear these teen and pre-teen voices lifted up in worship!!

BTCP Graduation

For the past two years Byron has been in a program through our church called Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP). He went to class on Monday evenings, some Thursdays and the 1st Saturday morning of every month. 

On Saturday, May 19th, he graduated from the program!

BTCP training uses a biblical, systematic, portable and comprehensive approach to providing the foundational equivalent of a good Bible college or seminary education. The training consists of 520 hours of interactive classroom lecture and discussion and goes through a total of 10 courses. 

The training came from guys like our pastor, Tommy Nelson, former BTCP graduates and seminary professors. 

Tommy Nelson addressed the graduates.

The program is in over 90 countries world wide! Here are Denton Bible's BTCP and BTCL directors. 

When Byron's name was called, the kids screamed and shouted their pride! 

We are very proud!! This was a huge commitment! 

Mel Sumral was the founder of Denton Bible Church and the founder of the BTCP program here. He is kind of a big deal at DBC! 

Byron with the program director, Chris Cobble. 

Way to go, Byron!! 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Good-bye, Baylor - by Gabe

"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." -Roger Caras

This is Gabe writing. We have lost a sweet, lovable friend. Baylor Bear was a faithful companion, and a great dog. He cared so much for us, and we loved him so much.

He passed away, unexpectedly on May 16, 2018 of a bowl obstruction. He was a gentle giant, and if you ever met him, you would fall instantly in love.

 To say good-bye to our dear pet, we walked him down to his favorite spot: the lake, each of us carrying a stick to throw in for him.

 We spread his ashes in the water, because that was where he was happiest. Then we threw in our sticks.  From now on, when we walk down to the water, we will always remember our sweet dog.

Mom and I made this Baylor tribute montage with pictures from his life, and videos from our good-bye. Rest in peace, Baylor! You will be missed. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

AWANA Awards!

May was a very busy month for the Serna 6! All of our activities came to a close. One of our favorites is AWANAs! 

Faith and Mig had their award ceremony on the last club night. 

This was Faith's first year as a Sparkie. 

Mig was promoted from Sparkies to T & T Boys Club! 

Selah and Gabe had their awards night the following Friday evening. 

Selah finished her last year of T&T Girls. She was also the only T&T Clubber (boy or girl) to complete a total of 4 books in only 3 years! An amazing accomplishment!! 

Gabe completed his 2nd year of Trek. 

We are so proud of all 4 AWANA kiddos! They are learning how to study their Bibles, how to serve God and others and hiding God's Word in their hearts! We are also so thankful to have a church home that offers this program to our kids and for the leaders that are pouring into our children every week.

LLELA Field Trip

On May 7th and 8th, Gabe, Selah and Mig took the CAT test. This is a standardized test that they can take online. I am emailed the results right away and am able to see the areas we need to improve upon in our schooling or where they are excelling. They did an excellent job on their tests and to celebrate their achievement and the fact that the testing was complete, we went to the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area for a nature walk field trip on the following day. 

It was a beautiful day to hike the trails!

Selah brought a camera with her and took some great pictures. 

I especially like this one that she took: 

Down the trail is a log cabin from the 1800s. 

Selah took this picture of Gabe reading about the old tools: 

And this one of the smoke house: 

We had a great time exploring! 

A beaver dam - I didn't even know there are beavers in Texas!

Mig found the ultimate walking stick.

Selah took this picture of the swampy area:

On our way back to the van we met a friendly grass snake crossing the path. 

It was a peaceful, yet fun field trip. We learned a lot and came home ready to finish out our school year strong!