Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Antiques and Autos

Denton hosts an Antiques and Autos Car Show every fall. We went two years ago, but missed last year. This year, we stopped by after the Heart Walk. 

Gabe thought this car was super cool. 

They have all kinds of cars. Some are fully restored, some are a work in progress. Byron pointed out that there were no Cutlass's, though! He plans to change that next year. 

This car even had a Transformer Emblem. Being the photo loving momma that I am, I asked Gabe to lean against the car....Byron told me later that that is a car show no, no. Opps!

I told Mig to let me know which car he wanted a picture with. Would't you know he picked out the worn out Chevy truck! 

Baylor enjoyed the car show and tons of attention. I am used the the kids getting a lot of attention when we go out - especially Miss Faith, but that is nothing compared to the attention this puppy gets! You would have thought he was a celebrity! 

Occasionally there is a car the kids can hop in or climb on. This Antique Fire Truck was a big hit with my kids!

 Between the Heart Walk, the car show, and a friend's birthday party later; it was a fun and full day!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Denton Heart Walk

For the past three years we have done the American Heart Walk as a family. Byron has participated even more times. We walk in honor of all of those suffering from heart conditions, but especially in memory of Byron's mom, who suffered from an aneurism and Papaw. 

Last year it was COLD!! This year was perfect! 

This was Baylor and Faith's first heart walk. 

There was a balloon artist there as well as a big rig, and a fire truck. 

We walked 3 miles and then on to the fun!

There were games for the kids, snacks, music, face painting and bubbles. It looks like Faith is going to get a ringer, but in reality the ring soared by my head!! Girl has got an arm (but no aim)!

Selah is getting really good at the Hula Hoop. She had a lot of people taking her pictures!

Gabe tries, but is a little too spastic to keep it up for long. 

After walking 3 miles, Baylor was happy to lie back, relax and watch. 

We all left with happy (and healthier) hearts. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Walking Faith

When Faith came to us she could not walk. She could hold onto our hands for support and take some steps, but she could not walk on her own. Slowly she became stronger and steadier, and braver and by the time we celebrated her being in our family for a month she could walk, though she walked on the sides of her feet. It looked very painful.

After months of the Ponseti Method of treatment for club feet, she is walking, running, and even starting to learn to jump - on flat feet! It is amazing and a little bit miraculous to watch the progression. I had to share it with the world! 

We are so proud of our tenacious little girl! She never gives up and never gives in. She is a true inspiration for so many. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Special Sewing Project

For my birthday this year I asked for a new sewing machine. My new machine is awesome! It is an embroidery/sewing machine and it makes sewing so easy! Since my machine is so easy to use and so much more reliable than the old one, I started teaching Selah to sew. 

She has really caught on and enjoys sewing with me! This summer she worked on a special project. Her Aunt Nicol had saved some of PawPaw Serna's old pull-overs and polo shirts and had envisioned having someone make them into pillows. She asked Selah if she thought she would be able to do sew them for her. Last weekend Selah finished the final of 6 pillows and we sent them to her Aunt Nicol. 

They turned out beautifully!! Selah did an amazing job! What a neat project, full of love and memories! 

It is so fun to be able to teach my little girl how to sew and now to be able share a hobby with her!!