Friday, May 27, 2016

Homeschool Field Day!!

About 3 years ago, we started a "Homeschool Sharing Group" with 4 other families. Once a month we get together and the kids all share something that they have been learning in school. After the sharing time is over, we eat a picnic lunch and they play together. Our group has 21 kids in all - so it's about as big as a school class. The sharing group idea spread and now there is our share group - the south group - and  a north group. We have started combining the groups for field trips and special parties. This year, one of the moms decided to organize a Homeschool Field Day!! 

The first event was a race. The kids younger than 6 ran first. 

My favorite part of the day was watching this one run - who would have guessed 18 months ago that she would participate in and FINISH a race?!? The physical healing she has gone through in 18 short months is nothing short of amazing! Of course, it is matched by her internal healing. She has gone not only from not being able to walk, to running in a race, but also from clinging to me for dear life and not letting me put her down for one second, to being sure enough of herself and trusting enough of me to actually run away from me without a second thought. This picture speaks a million words and will always be one of my favorites!

The big kids ran next. 

Gabe finished 5th. Not bad at all! 

Selah came in last...I am just proud that she finished. Those big kids ran a very long way and she is smaller than some of the little kids....those legs had to work really hard!

The next event was a hockey relay.

It was followed by tug-of-war.

Then there was a 3 legged race. This is Gabe with his buddy Noah.

Somehow the tallest big kid got paired with the smallest....

They had a very rough time. James ended up carrying Selah most of the way! That was quite the strategy! HA!

 They did a jump rope competition - which I somehow did not get pictures of and then the last event was a bean bag toss. 

Field Day was a BIG hit and I am sure that we will be doing it again next year!!

Cinco de Mayo 2016

We celebrated Cinco de May in true Serna style!

Isn't she the cutest little Asian in a sombrero you have ever seen?!?

We ate tacos, rice, beans and authentic pan dulce that the kids and I picked up from our local carniceria. Then the kids took turns swinging at their hand-made pinatas. 

Last year, Faith was in full leg casts on both legs and I had to hold her so she could hit the pinata. This year, she hit it like a PRO! 

Gabe reminds me of a young Don Quixote here.

We filled the pinatas with fun candy and prizes. 

Finally, we had to get a picture of all of the kids in Papa Serna's old sombreros....they kept hitting each other in the faces trying to squeeze onto the bench! 

We ended the fun evening by Face-timing GiGi and PopPop in Miami. 

We love celebrating all of our kids' cultures, but Cinco de Mayo is always a favorite!  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kids Praise Spring Concert 2016

 On May 1st we had our Kids Praise Spring Concert. 

 The Pre-K and Kindergarten were up first. This is the choir I direct and Mig is in. They did an excellent job! I have LOVED working with this group!

Here is a video of one of the songs that we performed. It is called Living in the Light and was a favorite of theirs this year. 

Next was the 1st through 5th Graders - Gabe and Selah's group. 

The theme this year was God's faithfulness in the Kids Praise ministry. As part of the performance, the kids did a count down to their favorite things about being in Kids Praise. Gabe introduced the checklist and announced the #1 reason the kids love Kids Praise. 

And the #1 reason they love Kids Praise.....

Singing for Jesus!

For their final song, members of the middle school and high school choirs that were previously in Kids Praise joined them on stage. It was beautiful!! 

Here is a video of two songs and Gabe's part in the performance:

 It is so strange and bittersweet to think that this has been Gabe's final year with Kids Praise. He has loved every minute of it and plans to continue on with the Middle School choir next year.(AHHH! I am going to have a MIDDLE SCHOOLER soon!) We have been so blessed by the Kids Praise choir and are so thankful that the kids and I have the opportunity to participate in this ministry and for the sweet friends we have made through it!

 Now we are looking forward to the Summer Musical!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Day at the Beach!

A few weeks ago Byron had a company picnic at a park not too far from us! The park has a beach and lake swimming. It was so fun! 

Faith thought it was hilarious to cover my feet with sand. 

The kids loved wading in the water. 

We didn't know that there was swimming, so we didn't bring suits, but the weather was perfect for the beach!

We also had hamburgers, hot dogs and more, but the highlight was definitely the beach. We had no idea this park existed! I am sure we will be going back soon!