Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enjoying this season of life

"It is counterproductive for me to dream of days that belong in a season other than the one I’m in." - Heidi Scovel

What wisdom! I read this on another blog I follow. ( I am totally guilty of not living and loving the moment most of the time. When I was pregnant I thought, "If I can just get to the 2nd trimester" or "I am so ready for the baby to finally be here" instead of cherishing the miracle and beauty of pregnancy. Now, I think, "If we can just get through this infant stage....or toddler stage....or hyper stage" instead of relishing the joy of each stage of childhood.

Nursing her baby doll - I love this stage of playing mommy!

Selah and I took a girls only trip into a $1 jewelry store and came out with some treasures. Here she is modeling her picks - necklace, dangly earrings and a fancy headband!

From now on I am going to make a conscience effort to live and love the present as the gift (pun totaaly intended) it is.

So, when I am feeling like a zombie after being up all night with a sceaming infant, and then chasing the two year old, entertaining the five year old, and cooking and cleaning for the 32 year old, I will praise the Lord for my family, for my precious, wonderful children, my handsome, hard-working husband and the moments I have with them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Violin Lessons

Last Thursday at 4:00 we headed out the door for Gabe's first ever violin lesson!

Gabe has wanted to play the violin for so long - and he finally recieved a real violin for Christmas from GiGi and PopPop. He has been nearly obsessed with Classical music from the time he was one year old. His favorite show as a baby/toddler was Little Einsteins. By the time he was one he could recognize different instruments by their sound. A few weeks before his second birthday I caught an orchestra performing Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 on TV and he sat entranced through the entire thing! By the time he was three he could name the composer when he would hear a classical peice and hum any number of classical songs. Before his lesson he asked me if his teacher would teach him to play Vivaldi and if he would be as good as famous violinist, Itzak Perlman! I can't wait to see what God has in store for this little guy and his violin!

Here he is anxiously awaiting his turn with the teacher!

And now, he will show you what he learned at his first lesson:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Miguel is 3 months old!

Miguel turned 3 months old this week! He is still super chunky and soooo handsome! He has this crooked little smile that will drive the girls crazy some day. When Gabe was a baby, any time he was fussy, Little Einsteins would make him happy. When Selah was a baby, TinkerBell did the trick. Miguel's secret weapon.....FOOTBALL! If he is fussy, all we have to do is turn on a game and hold him where he can see it. I even DVR-ed a game for the off season!!

Miguel at 1 month:

2 months:

3 months! He's starting to look like a little boy!

What a cutie!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

It is 2011! Where did 2010 go?

We celebrated the new year pretty much the same way we did last year. We played games, ate gluten-free, dairy-free pizza, hid a dollar outside and then at 8:00pm CST we rang in 2011 with Brazil. As soon as "mid-night" arrives, we cut into our New Year's surprise cake. Whoever has the peice with the trinket hidden inside wins a prize!  The dollar hiding is a tradition from my side. On New Year's Eve you hid money outside and then the next day you bring it back in - it is to symbolize bringing wealth into the new year.

Byron and I came up with a TOP TEN of 2010 List:

10. Reconnecting with old friends and making some new friends - this year we were able to get in touch with friends we haven't had contact with in awhile. We also joined a Sunday School class that helped us connect here and of course - I also started a new MOPS group. Both led to new friends!

9. Celebrating Papaw's 80th Birthday - I remember a time when Papaw's goal was to live to see the year 2000. A decade later, we were celebrating his 80th birthday! What a blessing that he is still with us!

8. Renting our house out - Well, we would have perferred to sell it, but getting a renter in really relieved a lot of financial burden from us and we are blessed to have good renters!

7. Byron got to grow a little closer to his siblings -  Byron, Nicol, and Nick took two car trips together this year. This was the first time in 20 years that they have done that! A lot of time in a car makes for good bonding, I'm sure!

6. Gabe learning to ride his bike - Watching Gabe ride without training wheels was awesome!!

5. Finding out we were pregnant! - 6 years ago we were wondering if it was even possible for us to concieve a child - and now we have 3!! 2 were concieved without any fertility! God has blessed us!!

4. Miguel's first smile - and we spend so much of our day, still, trying to make him show us that smile!

3. Getting Selah Potty-Trained - She is completely diaper free and hasn't even wet the bed!!

2. Teaching Gabe to read -  What a rewarding moment for a Mommy!!!! Now he reads everything in sight!

1. Welcoming a new addition to our family - Nothing could ever top the birth of a new baby. What a precious gift we were given in Miguel!!

Hoping your 2011 is blessed!