Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Father's Day Fishing

Walking distance from our house is a great park with a playground, hiking trails and a big fishing pond. Byron decided that on Father's Day he wanted to take the kids fishing at the pond. So, we headed out around 9:00 and went fishing for an hour or so. 

Byron showed Gabe how to cast out once or twice and then Gabe became a pro at casting by himself. 

Mig LOVED fishing!

 He was incredibly patient.

Even with a princess fishing pole, fishing turns out not to be Selah's thing. She thought it was very boring and asked often when we would be done and where we were going next. 

But she was excited that she caught some seaweed.

Mig was so content to just sit there with his pole!

No one caught anything that day, but since this trip, Gabe and a few friends have gone to the pond with a net and caught minnows. We will definately do another fishing trip - maybe when the weather cools down a bit. 

More fun with the Stepanovs

 We had a really fun Memorial Day Weekend with the Stepanovs. We did the zoo, a trip to the Rainforest Cafe and Uncle Byron's home-made tractor train rides:

This was quite a hit with our neighborhood!

I got some really sweet shots of my handsome nephew and gorgeous nieces:



Charli Kate:

And, Adrik got his first haircut at Uncle Byron's Barber Shop!

Here is a before shot of his hair:

He was done after about 2 minutes and didn't understand why Uncle Byron wouldn't stop right then and there. 

Unfortunately, he was pretty upset by the time the hair cut was done, so I didn't get a very good after picture  - but I did get this super sad pouty face!

It was a super fun visit!

Frank Buck Zoo

Rachel, Will and the triplets were able to spend Memorial Day weekend with us. While the daddies were golfing on the Friday before Memorial Day, the mommies and kiddos went to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, TX.

The Frank Buck Zoo is a small zoo, but very nice. It was a perfect size for our troupers. It wasn't exhausting to go through, but had a good number of animals. 

Maybe I am biased, but I think we had the cutest zoo guests that day.

Adrik liked the petting zoo a lot. He even gave the goat a little taste of his peanut butter crackers (before finishing it off himself - yuck!) 

He is such a cutie!

What a sweet bunch of kids! And a super fun day!

Awana's Awards Ceremony

This October Gabe and Selah joined our church's Awana group and LOVED every minute of it. At the beginning of May we went to their Awana Award Night. They proudly wore their decorated vests.

Selah received a Cubby Award for completing her book. Since we joined in October, most weeks we were memorizing two, sometimes 3 verses a week so that she could catch up. She did so well!

Gabe received both his year 1 and year 2 book awards (though they forgot to order his year 1 award). I am so proud of this little guy. He decided not only to catch up, but got ahead. In less than one year he completed two books and almost completed the third! 

They are looking forward to August when Awana starts back up!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

15 Years Ago...

15 years ago today Byron and I stood before my grandfather, friends and family and professed our love and devotion to one another. It was a simple wedding on a hot, hot day at a little Bed and Breakfast in McGregor, Texas. 

We have lived happily-ever-after ever since. Byron is my strength, my comfort, my friend and the love of my life. 

After 15 years, I can truly say that I love Byron even more than that day in McGregor, Texas when we promised each other forever. 

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! I love you!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Selah's Piano Debut

Selah is now learning piano. She wanted to share her very first piano song with you. So, sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy 30 seconds of total cuteness as she performs "C for 2"

Sea World Rides

While at Sea World we were able to do a few amusement park rides. This was Gabe's favorite part of Sea World. We started with a little Ferris Wheel. 

Next, we tried something a little faster. Selah was a little bit apprehensive. She almost decided to wait with Daddy.  

The ride started out OK.......

BUT, halfway through, Selah was wishing she had sat this one out....

Her face is priceless here! Poor baby!

 After that ride, she decided that Carousel Horses are more her thing.

Gabe, however, loves thrill rides. While we were on the carousel, Gabe and Daddy were riding the Shamu Express Roller Coaster. Then he went on again, with me.

We also went on the water raft and he wanted to do a big roller coaster with Daddy, but it closed once we got to the line. :(

We had a blast at Sea World and are hoping to go back one day!!

Sea World Shows

The shows at Sea World are so amazing! It is crazy how they can entertain everyone at the same time. We were able to make it to all but one show and enjoyed them all. 

Gabe and Byron sat in the splash zone at every show. Selah wanted to stay safely dry. Mig took turns in each area. 

Mig was SOOOOO excited to see Elmo at Sea World. When we were planning our trip, I told the kids we would be visiting the Alamo. Mig misunderstood and thought we would be visiting Elmo. Much to our surprise, we DID visit Elmo! This was by far Mig's favorite show of the day! Elmo Rocks!:


And of course, we saw Shamu. This was my favorite show (always is). Those whales are completely majestic.