Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Casts are Off!!

After 10 1/2 weeks in serial casts, Faith is finally cast free!!!

On Tuesday last week we made the journey yet again to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. This time all of us went! We were all excited! We had all grown to hate those casts!! They did what they were supposed to do in molding Faith's feet, but all of us had been kicked or stepped on by the casts - and that does NOT feel good! Also, she weighed a TON in the casts and Mommy's arms, back and shoulders were tired!!! The night before the casts came off, we wrote Good -bye on them in 10 different ways. We were not sad to see them go. 

We were so excited, we got there 40 minutes before the clinic opened. Well, we were excited and the traffic was surprisingly scarce! Finally, it was time and Faith was called back. First, Mr. Anthony removed the casts from the Raggedy Ann doll she was given on surgery day. 

As soon as the baby's casts were off, Faith said, "Faith's turn" and was ready for me to put her on the table. Faith's turn was loud, though...she did not like that scary, loud cast remover machine at all! 

She had a lot of help and distractions, though she really just wanted to look at pictures of Pop Pop on my phone!

This is Faith's doctor, the fabulous Dr. Karol! We have loved her and everything she has done for our little girl!

Finally the casts were off!!! YAY!!!

Next we headed downstairs to get AFO braces. She will wear the braces during the day for 6 weeks. Then we will go back for a follow up appointment with Dr. Karol and hopefully get to ditch those braces, too! 

Her feet were smelly and pretty gross. She kept pulling dead skin off her legs and giving it to me. Yuck! 

Once her braces were on, the doctor had us go out to the waiting area and get her to try to walk around to make sure they were fitting right, but after 10 1/2 weeks, Faith's legs were pretty atrophied. She could not put much weight on them at all. 

When the appointments were done, we celebrated by going out for dinner! To our surprise, the waiter brought out a big chocolate brownie with ice cream....we told him later that it was a very special day and he said he knew we must be celebrating something!

I really wanted to do this, too....but I am a little too old to get away with it:

The best part of the day was when I put Faith in her bubble bath! She has been taking sink baths since the casts were put on and when I set her in the warm, bubbly water, she laughed and laughed!! 

It has been slow progress in the braces. We had a few days where Faith was very frustrated at her lessened mobility and there was a lot of whining and crying. Now, a week later, she is able to take about 10 steps at a time. Each day she gets a little stronger and can walk a little further. 

Here is a before and after of her sweet little feet: 

Before the casts - 

After 3 serial castings and heel cord surgery:


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

AWANAs Awards Ceremony

Our church's AWANAs program has been such a blessing to us! The kids have learned so many Bible verses and truths through the program. I was so proud of our kids this year! They all finished their books and received awards - even though we missed 4 weeks when we brought Faith home. 

This was Mig's first year of AWANAs. He was a cubby this year and learned over 20 verses!!

Selah completed her second Sparks book - a few months early!! She did an extra credit book and received an extra patch and pin!

 Gabe also finished his book early - it was his second year of T and T Boys. Because of finishing early he was able to compete in the Bible quiz where he brought home a second place ribbon!

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Cinco de Mayo 2015

Cinco de Mayo was last week! As usual we had our annual Serna Family Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!!

The kids and I built a home-made piñata. They had a blast beating it up!

Gabe took this picture of Faith's first time hitting a piñata. We are very into celebrating our families diverse backgrounds. Cinco de Mayo is time for us to celebrate daddy's hispanic roots. It is so fun bringing Faith into these celebrations!!

We also took photo booth portraits in a sombrero and poncho!

Have you ever seen anything quite as adorable as my little Faith in a super large Sombrero?!?

Celebrating their hispanic heritage!

Such a beauty! By the way - taking these pictures was her favorite part of the celebration! A girl after my own heart!

The whole Serna gang! How adorable are they?!?

The kids requested nachos for dinner so I made some taco meat, nacho cheese, guacamole, and fixings. It was super yummy. We finished our celebration with sopapillas!

Such a fun evening!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Concert

We are so blessed to be members of a church that does so much for our kids! One of Gabe and Selah's favorite church activities has been being part of the Kids Praise choir. I will often hear them singing the songs they are learning while they are playing outside or in their rooms. It is precious to hear them singing praises and truths from these songs!! 

For the last couple of years Gabe has been part of the dramas as well as the choir. This year Selah also auditioned for and received a speaking part. The concert was last Sunday and it was fantastic!!

I love to watch them each in their spots on stage (they are both always up front because they are both small for their ages).

Gabe had a large part in the drama as Howie - a kid who just doesn't get the Bible and why it is so important. Selah had a small part as a minor prophet. 

Gabe got to cover the minor prophets in "dust" - since that is the part of the Bible that is "hardly ever read". They both LOVED this part of the program!

It was adorable - but don't take my word for it yourself. Here is a small clip from the program featuring both kids!

Gabe was also excited that he was able to play opposite his best friend, Brave!

At the closing of the program all of the choirs (Pre-Kindergarten - 5th grade) performed a "Walk Through the Bible". The kids tell the story of the Bible from Creation to Revelation in just about 5 minutes using hand motions and key phrases! AMAZING!! I have a video of that here as well! 

After the program, awards were given. Selah received a hymnal with her name on it for learning 10 hymns and  Bible verses that go with them.

Gabe received a CD for learning 20 hymns and verses.

We are so thankful and blessed by Denton Bible Church and especially the Kids Praise program!!