Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Concert

We are so blessed to be members of a church that does so much for our kids! One of Gabe and Selah's favorite church activities has been being part of the Kids Praise choir. I will often hear them singing the songs they are learning while they are playing outside or in their rooms. It is precious to hear them singing praises and truths from these songs!! 

For the last couple of years Gabe has been part of the dramas as well as the choir. This year Selah also auditioned for and received a speaking part. The concert was last Sunday and it was fantastic!!

I love to watch them each in their spots on stage (they are both always up front because they are both small for their ages).

Gabe had a large part in the drama as Howie - a kid who just doesn't get the Bible and why it is so important. Selah had a small part as a minor prophet. 

Gabe got to cover the minor prophets in "dust" - since that is the part of the Bible that is "hardly ever read". They both LOVED this part of the program!

It was adorable - but don't take my word for it yourself. Here is a small clip from the program featuring both kids!

Gabe was also excited that he was able to play opposite his best friend, Brave!

At the closing of the program all of the choirs (Pre-Kindergarten - 5th grade) performed a "Walk Through the Bible". The kids tell the story of the Bible from Creation to Revelation in just about 5 minutes using hand motions and key phrases! AMAZING!! I have a video of that here as well! 

After the program, awards were given. Selah received a hymnal with her name on it for learning 10 hymns and  Bible verses that go with them.

Gabe received a CD for learning 20 hymns and verses.

We are so thankful and blessed by Denton Bible Church and especially the Kids Praise program!!  
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