Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gabriel plays Fur Elise

Gabriel has been practicing this piece for a few weeks now, very determined to master it. His hard work has paid off. So turn up your speakers, and get ready as Gabriel plays Beethoven!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Little Guy with a Big Heart

Before his first game, Gabe's coach told me that he is "the littlest guy on the team, but has the biggest heart". At Saturday's game he demonstrated this. Gabe's last time up at bat, he struck out and the catcher picked up the ball and went to throw it to the coach pitcher, but hit Gabe in the head with it as Gabe was walking off the field (praise the Lord for batting helmets!). Gabe turned around and walked to the catcher leaving everyone in the stands wondering what he was going to do. One dad even said, "He's going to charge him!" Nope, not Gabe. He went over to the boy and gave him a fist bump, let him know there were no hard feelings. Gabe has struck out every time he has been up to bat, he has made errors in the outfield, but he is having a blast, and after last week's performance, Byron and I can't be more proud of this little guy with a BIG heart.

Here is a video of this incident...I slowed down the throw and hit to the head so you can see it better. I can't watch it without tearing up. I love this boy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Play Ball!

Gabe played his first and second baseball game last Saturday! He had so much fun!! They lost the first game and won the second game. 

Here is our little guy in his uniform:

Gabe plays both right and left field:

Daddy is the assistant coach and pitcher:

This is how Gabe plays the game....always smiling. His head coach told me that Gabe is the littlest guy on the team, but has the biggest heart. I love that!!

I think it will be a fun season for us all!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last Month's Memory Verse

Part of our morning "Circle Time" is reciting and committing to our memories Bible verses. Here is a video of Gabe and Selah reciting last month's verse, Proverbs 3:5-6

At one time we were trying to memorize one verse a week and the kids were memorizing the verse, but would soon forget it. I have found that if we do one verse a month they really internalize it more and can recall the verses many months later. We use songs to help us memorize and our favorites have been songs by Seeds Family Worship and The Rizers. These are catchy, fun tunes that I find myself singing through the day! We watch the You Tube videos and sing along every morning. Here is my YouTube playlist of memory verses.

We also learn a praise song each week and do a little family worship time before we start school. Here is my playlist of kid friendly worship songs. Check these out and start your own Praise and Worship time! It is the best part of my day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Visit from GiGi and PopPop

We had some very special company over Labor Day weekend!! GiGi and PopPop came up from Belton and we had a great time with them!

This was their first time to see our place here and the kids were so excited to show them their rooms and backyard. We went out to our favorite restaurants and GiGi and PopPop even got to go to Gabe's baseball practice!

It was so nice to have them here and the weekend went by way too fast. 

By the way, this Sunday is Grandparent's Day, so make sure to send a card or give a call to the grandparents in your life!