Thursday, July 16, 2015

4th of July part 3 - Fireworks!

If you can't tell from the number of Fourth of July entries - we had a busy - but FUN 4th of July!

After our lunch and cookie contest we went out to Papa Serna's property to shoot fireworks. We got there WAY before the sun was down.

So the girls had time to dance in the sunset...

Byron prepared the fireworks.

Mig prepared a perfect viewing spot. 

And I took lots of pictures, loving the golden hour of light!

Faith's 1st Fourth of July was turning out to be a blast!

Daddy gave Gabe a lesson on lighting fireworks safely and let him help!

Finally it was dark enough and we all enjoyed the show!!

The kids loaded the van saying that it was the best 4th of July EVER! 

4th of July part 2 - GiGi's Second Annual Cookie Bake-Off

GiGi loves cooking with the grandkids. Last year she had a Cake Box Cookie Bake-Off for them and it was a success, so we did it again this year!

The contest took place after lunch on the 4th of July.

Here are the entries:

Gabe's Patriotic Whoop Whoops:

Selah's Watermelon Splash:

Mig's Ninja Turtle Cream:

Charli Kate's Chocolate Chip (they were pink chocolate chip cookies with lemon icing - very tasty):

Adrik's Smore's Cookie:

(By the way - this is apparently Adrik's new "cheese" face.)

Tali's Pool Party Cookie:

Faith's Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookie:

They were ALL super yummy this year.... last year Gabe made his with green mints inside and they tasted a lot like nasty cough syrup - but this year was so hard to choose the best!!

After all the votes were in......

Selah won for the 2nd year in a row! She is now the undefeated Cookie Bake-Off Champion!!

Adrik won 2nd place and Gabe won 3rd.

GiGi and all her little cooks:

And a rare picture when all 7 grandkids are actually looking at the camera AND SMILING!!

Fourth of July part 1 - The Parade

We spent the 4th of July in Belton, Texas again this year. We love Belton 4th of July - mainly because that is where our extended family is, but who doesn't love the Belton Parade?!?

Faith's first 4th of July started out early with her first parade!

Before the parade started there was a choir singing and Faith asked PopPop to dance. I can't tell you how much it warms my heart that this little one who just 7 months ago had no family, now has so much family to love and adore her. PopPop is one of her very favorites!

They also sang Happy Birthday to all of those in attendance who celebrate a birthday in July. Selah and Karli (our soon to be niece-in-law) both have July birthdays!

Mig preferred bubbles to singing and dancing.

The Belton 4th of July parade always has plenty of old cars, fire engines and tractors. This tractor is a staple for the parade - Dr.  Bill Long, who pulls many grandchildren behind him in wagons...each year his entry gets a little longer. 

Ana and Elsa made their debut in the parade this year. 

The Shriners always zip past on 4 wheelers and go carts. We have a special place in our heart for the Shriners this year. Though Texas Scottish Rites Hospital isn't a Shriner's Hospital it is founded by the free masons who are also affiliated with the Shriner's groups. It is because of these groups that so many children - including out little Faith - get quality treatment regardless of ability to pay. 

For the last couple of years there have been some great time period costumes.

This cutie kept getting in my I just had to take a shot of him, too. 

Selah was so happy to see her cousin, Jeremiah, and camped out on his lap for a good portion of the parade. 

For those of you not from central/southern Texas, HEB is a BIG grocery chain...when we moved from Temple, HEB was one of the things I missed most. Their GIANT grocery cart was a favorite of ours. 

As well as the Crapper Car....There are no words...

The final parade entry was Byron's favorite...

A motorcycle pulling a hearse....strangely cool, yet very morbid. 

Yes - when in Belton on the 4th of July, the parade is a can't miss event. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Selah is Seven!!

Today is Selah's 7th birthday!!!

This year she asked for a camera - and so we decided to have her use my vintage Canon as a prop. 

Imagine my pride when she asked for a camera for her birthday!! 

I can truly say I don't have a favorite of my kiddos. BUT she is my favorite to photograph by a landslide. She is so naturally photogenic and loves doing photo shoots!

Selah is our caring, thoughtful and sensitive one. She feels deeply about many things and gets emotional easily. She is sweet and compassionate. 

She laughs easily and has the best giggle EVER!

I cannot believe she is 7 - she is becoming such a BIG girl!

She is a little Momma - she has taken the role of big sister to heart and is always finding ways to help her little sibling. 

Selah is a JOY! Happy Birthday, sweet Selah!!