Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer 2016 - part 4 - Caves!!

My sister and her family bought some land in the Texas Hillcountry last year and have been so excited about it. We finally got a chance to go see it while we were on vacation. 

It is a beautiful piece of land that they plan to build on in the future. The coolest part is this open cave! 

All the triplets posed for a picture:

Then we headed out as a group to the InnerSpace Cavern in Georgetown. 

We saw some bats: 

And beautiful formations.

The kids loved it! 

God's creation is amazing!! 

Summer 2016 - Part 3 - Selah turns 8!!

While in Belton, Selah celebrated her 8th birthday! 

She loves the show Once Upon a Time and decided that would be her theme this year. 

We played fun games including Poison Apple and True Love's Kiss where all the girls put on red lipstick and kissed a notecard and then everyone tried to match the lip prints to the right girl. 

Selah received some fun gifts. 

And then we had cupcakes! 

Before everyone left, Aunt Amanda surprised the kids with bubbles! 

It was a fun celebration of our now EIGHT year old!! 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer 2016 part 2 - Cookie Bake-Off

In our first week in Belton, we also participated in GiGi's 3rd annual cookie contest! Each grandchild planned a cookie from a cake box recipe and baked them with GiGi. 

Selah's was Cherry Vanilla Dream

Gabe had a salted carmel chocolate delight

Mig's was a lemon "Charlie Brown" cookie

Charli Kate had a pink velvet cookie

Adrik's was vanilla twist (although we didn't know what the twist was because it was a vanilla cookie with vanilla icing and vanilla sprinkles.)

Tali's was a purple cookie with ice cream and ice cream cone sprinkles.

Faith made a peanut butter and jelly cookie

I made t-shirt aprons embroidered with their initials for all of the participants

Faith won 3rd place

Gabe won second

Tali just knew she was going to get first place - and she did!! 

Such a fun time with GiGi!!

Summer 2016 part 1 - Magnolia

I am SO behind on the blog! We had a crazy, busy summer. The week after school ended we put our house on the market and went to Belton for two weeks. We spent the first week with my parents. The only thing on our bucket list for that week was to go to Magnolia in Waco. 

Magnolia is the shop designed, built and run by Chip and Joanna Gaines of the TV show Fixer Upper. 

But it is so much more than a shop - there are food trucks, eating areas, a play area and a garden. Definitely worth a day trip!  

The triplets and Rachel met us there and we made a day of it. 

Such a fun day!