Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lemonade for Sale!

This weekend we had a garage sale and while we were selling our junk, the kids set out a lemonade stand. They sold Lemonade for 50 cents a cup and sugar cookies for 25 cents. They were so cute and everyone had a great time interacting with them. They ended up selling out of cookies within the hour and sold all but a few cups of Lemonade. Their goal was to make enough money to buy a splash pool for the backyard...and they did!! We also sold most of our "treasures". It was really a fun time!!

In case anyone is wondering....I did not make the banner myself. I printed it for free from The Tom Kat Studio blog. It turned out really, really cute. We also printed their visors, which I downloaded from here. The kids helped to string the banner and cut the visors out which really helped them get excited about thier little business! The stand helped them to stay busy while we were running the garage sale and they had a blast! What a fun learning experience it turned out to be! Gabe was making change and counting money!

My Birthday Weekend

The weekend before last we enjoyed a visit from Rachel, Will and the triplets! They were able to stay a couple of nights and celebrate my birthday with me!! We went to the park, ate some yummy food and just enjoyed their company. Rachel and I even got to sneak away for some ice cream by ourselves....a treat for these mommas of three!

Below is a picture of all of our kids: Mig, Gabe and Selah in the back and in the chairs from left to right are Charli Kate, Adrik and Tali:

Handsome Adrik:

Sweet Charli Kate:

Lovable Tali:

On Friday night, my sweet cousin, John David, came out to have fajitas with us!! It was a fun way to celebrate my birthday.

 Byron is holding Charli Kate, Rachel is holding Tali, Will is holding Adrik, I am holding Mig and John David is beside me in the plaid.

When Rachel and Will were pulling out of our drive-way on Sunday morning Selah said, "Mommy, I so really miss those baby cousins." Then began to SOB!! We all loved the visit and can't wait to see them all again.

Amazing Grace

Enjoy Amazing Grace played for you by our own Mr. Gabe on keyboard:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

We had such a FUN Easter!! The kids and I did a little Easer everyday during the week - we sang Easter songs, did a few Easter crafts and did the Resurrection Eggs like last year. On the Saturday before Easter we went to an Easter Egg Drop at a local elementary school. What a blast! There were bounce houses, face painting, raffles, and a petting zoo. Then as the grand-finale, the Easter Bunny rode in on a helicopter and dropped Easter Eggs out on a big field!

Getting ready for the drop. (Mig is a little confused as to why there is nothing in his basket yet):

The petting zoo had goats, lambs, ducks, bunnys and this cute baby piglet:

Here come the eggs!!

Go get 'em, Selah:

Mig was so excited about the "copter" that he didn't really care about picking up the eggs, but I finally coaxed him out:

That afternoon, Nicol and the boys came up. We went to the park, out to eat, and played board games. Then on Easter Morning the kids and I made some Resurrection Rolls I found on Pinterest, which we served with decorated boiled eggs. We got dressed up in our Easter clothes and took some quick pictures before heading to church.

 My handsome hubby and his sweet sis:

The fab five (don't we clean up nicely!):

After church we picked up some KFC and then had a fun Easter Egg hunt. It was pouring outside, so our hunt had to be held indoors...and I couldn't just do a regular, old fashioned hunt. I assigned a color to each kid and they were only to pick up their own color. In each of their eggs was a part of an Easter Bible Verse. The first kid to find all 12 eggs and unscramble their verse won the grand-prize. It was a very challenging activity, but they all did so well and had a great time!! Selah ended up winning the grand-prize (although I hear she had a little help from Auntie!) but all of the kids got a prize and candy in their eggs as well.

 Mig's eggs were footballs - which he LOVED. Inside were marshmellow candies - and no scripture.

Jonathan begged for Uncle Byron to hide his eggs in challenging places - then he couldn't find any of them!!

Jacob found all of his eggs first and then went to work on unscrambling his verse:

It was such a fun weekend and we loved having Nicol and the boys over to share it with!!! 

Bluebonnets on Cedar Creek

We couldn't miss our annual bluebonnet pictures - especially since the bluebonnets are so vibrant and full this year! So, after the triplet's party the first weekend of April, we drove by our old neighborhood and stopped at our Cedar Creek property where the flowers were in full bloom. Unfortunately, the kids were pretty hot and exhausted from the party and the 4 hour drive down, so they were not as cooperative as usual. I did manage to get a few keeper shots of each of the kids individually, though.

She couldn't help herself....the flowers looked so comfy, she just plopped right down unprompted!

Gabe was the grumpiest of the group. This is the only decent picture I got of him:

Mig, on the other hand, LOVED the flowers!!

And wanted to be just like sister!

Maybe next year I can get one of all three of them together. *sigh*

Monday, April 16, 2012

Not Your Average Super Hero

I think I have mentioned on the blog before about the movies we make with my nephews. It started with just the two oldest nephews at ages 7 and 5 or so. They helped me write a script about the first Thanksgiving and then we practiced and video taped it. Since then, we have created quite a few short videos....it's kind of become a tradition to do at least one "movie" a year. So when the boys came up for Easter, we knew it was about time for another movie! It's so funny - it takes us hours to plan and shoot and then the movies turn out to be only five to ten minutes long! Now, sit back, relax, and get ready for some giggles as Big Mig saves the day in our latest production!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Triple (plus one) Birthday!!

On April 1 we celebrated the triplet's FIRST birthday! We also celebrated PopPop's birthday (who is our original April Fool!) It was so much fun! There was food, family, and all around cuteness! It was a Mickey Mouse theme and was adorable!

This was the Old Folk table. Dad Serna was very proud to be the baby of the bunch at 68 years young. These guys had as much fun as the rest of us, if not more!! It was so entertaining to hear them all together!

Mig and Papaw got some nice cuddle time! Boy was Mig squeezing! They both share a love of football, and Mig's middle name (Carlisle) is a family name from Papaw's side.

PopPop with Tali and my kiddos - all decked out in Mickey attire:

The three one year olds getting ready for lunch (from left to right: Charli Kate, Adrik and Tali)

Adrik and Charli Kate getting ready to dig in - it didn't take Adrik long until he was ready to get out of that high chair. 

Charli Kate thoroughly enjoyed her cake. She even went face first into it at one time!

Tali also had a good time with the cake! What a mess!!!

AND THEN....PopPop had to get into the fun, too! Just to fit in, he also removed his shirt and his "little" sister, Jackie gave him his cake with no fork.

When the party was over, we all said our good-bye's to our sweet Granny and Grandpa. They moved this week into a condo in Miami, Florida. Granny has been diagnosed with cancer and is under going some pretty extensive treatment. The move will help Jackie be better able to help them with the treatments. We are going to really miss having them just a drive down the interstate, but know it is the best. Gives us another reason to take a trip to Florida!!

This a picture of "us three girls" - my sisters and me with our sweet grandparents. (From left-to-right: Rachel, Granny, Amanda, Grandpa and me!)

Mowing the Lawn

Last week the grass was getting high again and the weather was nice, so after coming home from work and eating a semi-early dinner, Byron decided he would mow. Imagine Gabe's surprise when Daddy said that he needed Gabe's help! You should have seen Gabe's smile as he pushed the mower with Byron's guidance! It was such a sweet father/son moment that I just had to share!!

Of couse, Byron's thinking, "the sooner we get him started, the sooner he can take over!"