Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enjoying Fort Worth

We have really been enjoying Ft. Worth. We miss our mountains, but we have sooo much more family time here! Here are some miscellaneous pictures since we have moved:
OK....Selah got a hold of a pen and just went to work on her tummy, her legs, her arms, and her cheeks. So mischevious.....but I think it is beautiful, too.

Last weekend we found this great park and had a blast playing!

This is city mountain climbing!

Isn't she adorable?!?

Byron's work hosted a party at "The Main Event" which is a super huge arcade/restaurant/bar type place. Gabe got these Googly eyes with his tickets! We all had so much fun!

My 2 Bumblebee Transformers.

New Year's Eve

We had so much fun on New Year's Eve this year. Byron and I have found that New Years with small kids can be very tricky. Up until this year we haven't even celebrated it since before Gabe came along. This year I decided we would try something different. I did some researching and noticed that Brazil would be celebrating the new year at 8:00pm our time. So we had a special dinner, played Gator Golf, Wii Bowling and had a little dance party and counted down until the Brazilian New Year when we had a piece of New Year's Cake. It was so much fun, we will do it again next year!!

Enjoying our cake..
Gotta love this look - New Year's hat, no pants, but shoes. Ha!

Partying like its 2009!

Our New Year's cake. Right before we left Colorado Gabe was diagnosed with "Leaky-Gut Syndrome" and is now on a Gluten, Dairy and Soy free diet. So this cake meets those requirements. It actually turned out pretty tasty. There was also a little gift hidden inside of it. Whoever got the piece of cake with the prize won some mooolah!! (Gabe won, by the way!)

Wii time!


Well - I am waaaay behind on posting! HA! At least I have a good excuse. On December 27th we moved into our apartments in Ft. Worth, TX. We are now unpacked and settled for awhile. We had a great Christmas in Central Texas with all of our family. Here are some pictures of our Christmas 2009.

The Froese's gave Selah a Tinkerbell doll - what a death grip she has on it!

This is my mom's dog, Frankie. He enjoyed Christmas so much even he was smiling!

Byron and Gabe make great Christmas gifts!

The stash under the tree - a Tickle Me Elmo for Selah and a remote control helicopter for Gabe.

Selah is very into Elmo, so the little Karaoke Memaw and Papaw gave her was perfect!

Uncle John and Louis sent Gabe a very cool pirate outfit for dress up! He had to try it out as soon as he opened it up. He sure makes a cute pirate!

Aunt Suzy's friend, Betty, sent Selah a beautiful crocheted hat and scarf that she LOVED!

This photo op has become a Christmas tradition. (I think I even posted one last year!)

Our Christmas Cutie!