Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year's Eve

We had so much fun on New Year's Eve this year. Byron and I have found that New Years with small kids can be very tricky. Up until this year we haven't even celebrated it since before Gabe came along. This year I decided we would try something different. I did some researching and noticed that Brazil would be celebrating the new year at 8:00pm our time. So we had a special dinner, played Gator Golf, Wii Bowling and had a little dance party and counted down until the Brazilian New Year when we had a piece of New Year's Cake. It was so much fun, we will do it again next year!!

Enjoying our cake..
Gotta love this look - New Year's hat, no pants, but shoes. Ha!

Partying like its 2009!

Our New Year's cake. Right before we left Colorado Gabe was diagnosed with "Leaky-Gut Syndrome" and is now on a Gluten, Dairy and Soy free diet. So this cake meets those requirements. It actually turned out pretty tasty. There was also a little gift hidden inside of it. Whoever got the piece of cake with the prize won some mooolah!! (Gabe won, by the way!)

Wii time!

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