Monday, October 27, 2008

Trick or Treat!!

Since we aren't close enough to most of you to really Trick or Treat, here is our virtual Trick or Treating! Mostly a treat...I mean, really... are they not the cutest Kitty and Dinosaur you have ever seen!!!

Selah is still sooo tiny! 0-3 month clothes are still big on her. The only costumes I found that would remotely fit her are sized 0-6 months. No way! So I improvised. My mom sent me the cat onesie and I knit her little hat with cat ears and made her tu-tu. Then, of course, she had to have a bow sown to the hat!! So sweet!

Gabe had talked about being a "Bass-o-saurus Rex" for Halloween since August. For those of you who haven't heard of that species of is a T-Rex with the body of a Concert Bass. When we went shopping for Byron's birthday gifts at the end of September, I ran across this dinosaur costume. You should have seen his face light up!! It's not a "Bass-o-saurus" but it sure is cute! He has worn it at least once a week since we brought it home!

Family Pictures

I finally took some pictures of our new family of four! It was super hard to take these pictures with my wireless did I know if Selah was looking at the camera? Plus, Gabe was playing photographer and had to look at every shot taken before I could take another. By the end of the shoot, Selah was hungry, Gabe was cranky, Byron was frustrated and I was sweating!! We ended up with these...not too bad, although Selah appears to be singing in one of our group shots!! Ha! We will have to revisit the whole Family Picture thing again when Selah is a little bigger.