Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Our final days in Colorado

On Monday, July 10th, we walked around the shops in Woodland Park and did laundry. By Monday the monsoon season had hit full swing! On Tuesday we did some grocery shopping in the morning. In the afternoon we had some friends from Denton who are in the process of moving to Monument, Colorado out to the park for soggy hot dogs and s'mores (because it was so rainy). 

Early Wednesday morning Byron took his truck into the shop. He wasn't there long. The mechanic took one look at his truck and told him that to fix the issue they would have to remove the cab and their shop was not equipped to do that. He told Byron that he will be able to make it down to Texas if he is not pulling anything. So we made the tough decision to leave the next morning without the RV. Our old church was so gracious and let us leave the RV in the parking lot of their office building. 

Since it was our last day in the mountains, we decided to spend it doing something fun. We drove down to Manitou Springs and went on a quest to find all of the mineral springs around the quaint town.

If you ever wondered why Colorado Springs is called Colorado Springs - it is because of the mineral springs in Manitou. Rainwater and melted snow from the mountains soak into the earth and become heated and mineralized. It then flows up into the limestone where it becomes carbonated and then comes out of natural and drilled springs all over the town of Manitou. There are 8 springs in all and each of them taste a little different, so we brought water bottles and made it our mission to sample them all! 

The Shoshone Spring:

The Navajo Spring:

The Cheyenne Spring:

Stratton Spring:

Twin Spring:

7 Minute Spring:

Wheeler Spring:

Somehow I didn't get a picture of the Iron Spring Geyser, 

Iron Geyser:

Stratton Spring Spring

When we were done, Mig asked me why I didn't tell him that they would all be gross! Ha!! I didn't think they were all gross, but there were definitely some that none of us liked.

We really had a fun trip from Texas to Missouri, to Colorado and back. It was longer than we expected and there were truck troubles and thunderstorms mixed in, but we made some lasting memories and had such great family moments!! 

Just so I don't leave you hanging on the condition of the truck - we made it back to Texas safely late on Thursday night (July 13). Byron took the truck into a diesel mechanic here in Texas that used to work in a Ford dealership. He did NOT have to take the cab off and was able to do all the necessary repairs. The truck is now ready to head back up to Colorado and retrieve the RV and should make it back home safely. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Woodland Park Friends and Rock Climbing

 We were able to spend our Saturday in Colorado with friends. We met a bunch of friends at the park for a play date. The girls were so excited to meet baby Maisie! I think she liked all of the attention, too!

The park has been recently renovated and is just gorgeous! The view of Pikes Peak is amazing!

Monsoon season in Colorado was just starting so when the afternoon storms started, we headed to McDonald's for lunch and to let the kids continue playing. That afternoon were able to meet an old friend at the yogurt shop, too!

We were scheduled to leave early Sunday morning, but the truck was having issues. The diesel mechanics in the area were not going to be able to get to the truck until the following Wednesday morning, so we were able to sneak in a few more days in the mountains. We were able to visit the church we attended and saw more old friends. A Pearl Harbor survivor spoke at the service and it was so neat to hear his story and how his faith grew through the whole ordeal. 

That afternoon we went rock climbing in the Garden of the Gods with the Tabor Family. 

The Tabor Family were our neighbors in Woodland Park for a little while and became sweet friends! 

They live very close to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs now and really love rock climbing. Gabe was so excited to climb real rocks and Chad was such a patient and calm teacher!

Gabe said that rock climbing was his favorite part of the whole trip. 

Mig went up next. I was surprised that he wanted to go at all after he got so scared on Pikes Peak. 

He went a little way up and then was ready to head down. 

He did find a small rock to climb with out a harness and wanted me to make it look like he had gone to the top of the big rock, though. 

Selah climbed in a skirt (with shorts underneath) in pure Selah style. Strong, but still so feminine. She climbed with instinct and moved pretty quickly up the rock. 

She nearly made it to the top, but was exhausted! So she headed back down. 

We then had a lovely dinner at the Tabor's house and so enjoyed spending time with them. We weren't planning on being in Colorado on Sunday, but it turned out to be such a blessing to be able to see friends we wouldn't have seen had the truck been in good enough shape to head home. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Selah's birthday at the North Pole!

Selah turned 9 while we were in Colorado. We decorated the RV so that when she woke up on the morning of her birthday it was all decorated. 

She opened presents.

And we had birthday muffins. I forgot about baking in a high altitude, so they came out very flat - but still tasty! 

Selah decided she wanted to go to the North Pole for her birthday. Did you know that the North Pole is actually in Colorado - not the Artic? 

The North Pole - Santa's Workshop is a Christmas themed amusement park and so much fun! 

You can see this slide from the Pass. 

Even with Faith's broken elbow, there were rides she could ride. 

In the center of the park is a pole that stays frozen year round. 

We also were able to watch a glass blowing demonstration and I came home with a few beautiful and dainty ornaments for our tree. 

At 7,500 feet in altitude, The Ferris Wheel at Santa's Workshop is the World's highest Ferris wheel in elevation. Unfortunately, there was a little thunder while we were at the park and they closed it right as we were in line. 

Of course, you can't visit the North Pole without seeing Santa!! Gabe asked him for a mandolin, Mig asked for a cello, Faith asked for a new doll and Selah asked for a Beauty and the Beast figurine. 

The next day we got a visit from my Uncle Mike! 

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, outdoor and closeup

We waited to have birthday cake until Uncle Mike could be there - so we got to celebrate Selah even more! 

Sweet girl! I hope it was a birthday to remember!