Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just some pictures..

Pike's Peak Valentine's Morning.
Selah says, "I'm full, but.....

I'd like to keep playing with the spoon!"

Mardi Gras!!

Today we went to our public library for a Mardi Gras party! Gabe had a blast!

Eating King Cake
Making a Mardi Gras mask.

Getting some Mardi Gras beads!
Who knew.....Mardi Gras in the mountains! HA!

Baby Dedication

We had Selah dedicated the last week in November. What a special day! The pastor you see here is Kirk Greenstreet - great Christian, delivers awesome messages. We were blessed to have him dedicate our little girl.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"When are we going to get Selah's ears pierced?" Byron asks.
"I think we should wait until she is about 10."
"I think I'll just take her and have them done sometime." He says.
A few weeks later...."I'm taking Gabe and Selah to the mall. You get a break and I'm going to get her ears pierced".
"Are you really?"
"Yep, I really am."
Ok....I didn't really believe him, but here she is at 7 months old and yes...he got her ears pierced. I have to admit, she looks really-really cute!


ok...I do a lot of posts about here is one about Gabe and only Gabe.
He is a total camera hog. Every time I pull out my camera he says, "Take a picture of ME!"
But he makes a really good subject!!

He is really into dressing up right now. In fact I have had to limit him to 1 costume a day - or we would be changing costumes all day long!!

For Christmas he begged Santa for roller skates. We kept trying to brain-wash him
to get him to change his mind. Didn't work...and Christmas morning there were roller skates under the tree!! Here he is skating super fast in our garage.

He is still way into classical music! Oh, boy was he excited to see Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman play at the inaguration!! Here is our little virtuoso playing a real violin at Christmas.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Selah is 7 months old!

Selah is 7 months old today! She is doing great! Sitting by herself, eating baby food and still trying to walk and crawl. We have had to put a gate on our stairs because she has found that the quickest way to get anywhere is to roll....and she rolls all over! I was cooking dinner a few nights ago and within a few minutes she was at the entrance to the kitchen looking for me!! She keeps us on our toes!!

I decided to change the theme in our guest bathroom to rubber ducks. I know, not the most original theme - but I counted about 9 rubber ducks that have been given to Selah. So we are going with it. That said...these pictures are now hanging in our guest bathroom...along with some I did of Gabe when he turned 6 months old (but looks at least 2 months older than Selah now!!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Memaw's Surprise Party

One of the highlights of our Texas trip this December was Memaw's Surprise 75th Birthday Party. All 4 of her kids (my mom, aunt and uncles) were there as well as 3 of her grandkids and both great-grandkiddos! She was also surprised by many friends. Uncle John made a beautiful Tribute slideshow. It was a beautiful party!
Grandkids - Jason, Me and Rachel and Great-Grands - Gabe and Selah
Memaw and Papaw with their adult children - from left to right - John, my mom (Sarah), Susan, and Michael

Memaw's Sisters...Janette, Virginia, (Vivian), and Irene

A bunch of the party guests came from Memaw and Papaw's last church. Papaw is a retired Methodist minister. These were members of Oakhurst United Methodist while he served as thier pastor.

Vivian and Selah Vivianne!

So surprised!!

Selah and Aunt Rachel

Aunt Susan designed the beautiful birthday cake.