Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The AWANA Grand Prix

Last weekend Gabe entered a pine car into the AWANA's Grand Prix. He paid for his entry with his own money and had a great time making the car and did most of the work on it. 

In the end, he decided he wanted it to look like his Leopard Gecko, Leia. He named his car "Lagarto Loco", which is Spanish for Crazy Lizard! It ended up looking really good!!

He was very proud of the finished product.

The race was held at one of our church's buildings.

There were quite a few entries! I was really impressed with the creativity of these kids!

He was able to race his car several times. Each child put his or her car onto the ramp and then sat near the finish line at the bottom of the ramp while the attendant pushed a button to release all of the cars at the same time. 

Unfortunately, much like Gabe's lizard, the car was not very quick. He ended up being close to last on all of his heats, but he had a blast!! Here is a quick video of Lagarto Loco in action:

He received a blue ribbon for entering.

Gabe had so much fun designing, making and racing his car, that he is already planning his car for next year's Grand Prix!

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