Thursday, August 7, 2014

Choir Camp 2014

Last week was Choir Camp week! We love Choir Camp! This year I was a Shepherd for the 4th-5th grades, Selah and Mig were in Mini-Camp, and Gabe was Joseph in the musical "Joseph: From the Pit to the Palace". This was Mig's first year in Mini-Camp and he really loved it! Selah was chosen from the Mini-Campers to sing in an ensemble. She did a great job!!

I am so happy to have these pictures!! Cynthia Burch took these. She is a photographer that volunteers for the church a lot and posted these pictures on her site for us to download! I was video taping with my camera, so I couldn't take any pictures. 

Unfortunately, because of where Mig was standing, he is not in any of the pictures. :(

Below is a video of the Mini-Camp Performers. Mig is front row with red shoes and Selah is front row left. They are both wearing blue shirts. 

After the Mini-camp performed, it was time for the musical. I took most of these pictures during the dress rehearsal that morning so I could video during the performance.

This next picture is from Cynthia Burch - so beautiful!

Below is a video of the musical. My big camera is able to take video, but I have never tried using it for more than just short clips. Well - I guess that was all it is really meant for. It would shut off after about 12 minutes and then the memory card got full - so I didn't get the whole musical. I did get most of Gabe's part, though. Last year they sold a professional video of the performance and so I had planned on that being the case this year, too and wasn't too worried about getting it recorded myself. However, a few hours before the performance the parents were notified that DVDs will not be sold this year. SO SAD! 

Gabe played Joseph 1 and his buddy Brave played Joseph 2 (which were the "flashback" scenes). They both did an excellent job and had so much fun doing this together!

This was the first year all 3 of the kids were in camp! 

 Our church's music director, Kendall Lucas, was the drama director for the musical and spent a lot of time with Gabe during the week. They became buds as well!

We are so thankful and blessed to have a church that pours into these kids' lives in so many ways! 

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