Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Making Room for Mei Mei

My goal this summer was to work on the kids' rooms. When we first decided to adopt, we thought we would move Gabe and Mig in together, let Selah keep her room to herself, and then use Mig's old room as a nursery for our little one. During our home study, though, our case worker encouraged us to room the two girls together since, chances are, our new daughter would not be used to being in her own room. Many times, they don't even have their own beds! Selah was ecstatic at the idea of having little sister in her room. The boys had already gotten used to the idea of having a boy room, though. So, we decided that everyone would have a room mate. The boys would go ahead and share a room, too! 

I started on the boys' room first. They decided they wanted a Star Wars room and chose dark blue and gray for their wall color. They were so excited that they got to help. Gabe said over and over, "I can't believe you are actually letting us paint on the wall!"

We found a couple of cool Star Wars posters, hung their lightsabers and I bought a vinyl Yoda quote off of Etsy. It turned out great!!

They quote says, "Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is". So perfect!

In early spring Selah found an owl canvas that says, "I knew when I met you and adventure was going to happen. -AA Milne". She said that those must be little and big sister owls and had to have it for their room. We planned their room around that canvas. 

Selah's room has a deep red wall that she wanted to keep and then she picked out a pretty rosy pink for the other walls. 

 Their room turned out beautifully!! We added a toddler bed, some owl throw pillows and I made cute owl lanterns!

Selah's wall has a very swirly owl tree wall sticker. Aunt Barbie's sister owl art and an owl PopPop found decorate their dresser. On each girl's bed is a pillowcase cross stitched by Memaw. It is a room fit for a princess! We are ready for Mei Mei!!

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