Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of Homeschool 2014!!

Last Monday was our first day of homeschool of the new school year!!

We always start the day with circle time where we sing praise songs, have a Bible Study, and pray together. After circle time it was time for our first day photos!

We went school supply shopping the Friday before the first day and each of them also picked out one new outfit. This always makes the first day feel so special - which is sometimes hard to do when you homeschool. 

This handsome boy entered fourth grade! Can you believe it! He is getting so big! Over the summer he discovered the Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull, so we had to add that in our portraits. 

Selah entered Second Grade. 

She has loved reading every Magic Tree House book she can get her hands on - but she has to read them in order. No skipping! :)

Mig has officially started Pre-Kindergarten this year.

After just one week of school he can already sound out the words dog, dod, and bob!! I think we might have another early reader!

When the school day was over, we went outside to take a "we survived" picture! This time I got in it, too!

I am looking forward to another fabulous year of schooling these 3 blessings and am hoping to add blessing number 4 into the mix this year as well! I am so happy to be able to be their teacher and their mommy and thank God and Byron so much for giving me this amazing opportunity! Without the support of my sweet husband and the hand of my Heavenly Father I know that this wouldn't be possible. 

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