Thursday, July 24, 2014

GiGi's Cookie Bake-Off

GiGi had been planning a cookie bake-off for the week we were in Belton this year and my kids were SOOOOO excited. 

The rules were that it had to be a cake box cookie recipe, the kids had to make the cookies themselves (with supervision) and they had to be original and creative. 

Mig made chocolate-chocolate chip cookies with cream icing, oreo crumb sprinkles and gummy mustaches. He called them "Mr. Wendell Cookies" for a friend of ours with a great mustache!

Selah made lemon cookies with strawberry icing and crushed lemon drops on top. She called her cookies Strawberry Lemon Drop Cookies.

Gabe made blue velvet cookies with crushed spearmint inside and then dipped them in melted chocolate. He called them Star Wars Cookies. 

They were all very tasty! The triplets were the official judges and all participants received a trophy!

We all tasted a bit of each cookie and then voted. 

In third place were Gabe's Star Wars Cookies!

In Second Place were Mig's Mr. Wendell Cookies.

And first place was 

Selah's Lemon Drop Cookies!!

What a fun day and a fun contest!! 
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