Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Belton Pictures

The good thing about a funeral is that it brings family together, sometimes even family that we haven't seen in a very long time. 

This is the McCleskey clan: 

Aunt Susan, Uncle John and my mom:

Aunt Susan, Uncle John, my mom and a photobomber (my cousin Katy). 

Memaw's sisters - my great-aunts - Jeanette, Irene, and Virginia. We were all so surprised to see Aunt Virginia there! She is not in very good health, but said she just couldn't miss it. 

The next pictures are just kind of random pictures. This is a rose from my mom's garden. She names her plants. And talks to them. And so my kids called them each by name and talked to them, too. There's nothing wrong with that - right?!?

One day while we were down in Belton we had Sonic for lunch and one of the kids got a water squirting camera in their Wacky Pack. Mig LOVED it. He asked everyone if he could, "take their picture - outside." Hee-hee! 

Here is Aunt Suzy being a super good sport in getting her "picture" taken! 

Say cheese!!

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