Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Guangzhou Day 5 - The Chimelong Safari Park

On our final day in China we decided to go to the Chimelong Safari Park. The Chimelong Zoo was amazing!! We almost didn't go because Faith still had a cough and I was not well either. Luckily, one of the sweet ladies in our travel group noticed that my eyes were bothering me and that I had a horrid cough and had Byron come up to her room to get some antibiotics for me! We ended up deciding to go because we had heard it was definitely worth the trip and we were so glad we did! 

Like I was amazing! There was a safari train ride that took us through different habitats where the animals roamed freely! We saw so many beautiful exotic animals. 

Byron took most of these pictures, too! Taking beautiful pictures while holding a squirming toddler is so hard - so Byron took over the camera and even started learning manual mode!! He did an awesome job! I may have a business partner soon! Ha!!

There was a white tiger show that was incredible. There were no people in the cage, but the tigers would jump for food and pose to the music.

It was feeding time for the bears!

Had to get a camel picture for PopPop!

The giraffes were really neat, too. Here is our CCAI Rep. Jocelyn feeding a giraffe!

I carried Faith through the entire zoo. I couldn't use the sling because it was cold and we needed our coats on and we tried putting her in a stroller, but she screamed, kicked, and was just not having it. Momma was TIRED by the time we were done!

Chimelong's claim to fame is their panda exhibit. Right now they are home to triplet pandas born in 2014. They are the only live panda triplets known in the world today and are quite famous in China! 
This is one of the triplets:

 The Giant Pandas are really cool. Most of them were sleeping while we were there, but they are adorable! 

But the cutest thing at the zoo that day had to be our little girl - don't you agree?!?

That evening we were given our child's visa. We ate at a Japanese restaurant in the hotel. It was amazing! We were treated like royalty there. Our drinks never were empty, our empty dishes were taken the moment we were finished and the food was so good! Faith was on a diet of formula and bread when she was brought to us 12 days earlier. That night she was eating steak! 

The next morning we left the hotel at 5:00 am and were taken by van to Hong Kong. Two flights and many hours later, our family was together for the first time! 

You can read more about our homecoming HERE.

It was a wild and crazy journey; a journey of a lifetime; a journey that completed our family. 

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