Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our New Year Celebration

We had a fun New Year Celebration!!

Like last year we incorporated a little bit of the Chinese New Year Celebration with our New Year - of course this year we are also planning a Chinese New Year dinner, too. 

We ate egg rolls, Chinese dumplings and fried rice and the girls wore their silk dresses from China.

After dinner each of us got a red envelope filled with money. We took them outside and hid them in the backyard - the next morning we brought the envelope and money in. This merges the red envelope tradition of China with my family's tradition of bringing money in on the new year. (I think it is an Irish tradition.)

Once our envelopes were hidden we started our game night!! For the last three years we have done Minute to Win It Game Night on New Year's Eve. This year I got our games from The Idea Room.

Our first game was The Countdown Knockdown. We had to knock over 12 cups arranged like a clock using only the ball inside a pair of pantyhose, which we wore on our heads. 


We also played "Drop Around the Clock" 

We used straws to pick up and place M&M's around a clock face. 

Here the kids are playing "The Final Countdown" - moving a colored cup up the stack by only moving one cup at a time.

This is "Tick Tock, Tic Tacs". In this game we moved one tic tac at a time, from one paper to the other,  using tweezers. 

We also played "Ball Drop" and "Time Flies". It was so much fun!

After our games, we headed downstairs to ring in the New Year with noise makers, poppers and singing Auld Lang Syne. 

Faith took the "4" off of our banner to reveal the "5" for 2015.

We are ready for an exciting New Year!!

I usually do a post about our top ten moments of the previous year, but since this post is over a month past the new year, and since adding our precious Faith to the family is the obvious #1 moment of the year, I decided not to do our top moments this year. However, I look forward to the moments that will be considered for our top ten this year! 

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