Wednesday, February 25, 2015

AWANA Grand Prix 2015

This winter the kids and PopPop were so excited about the AWANA Grand Prix!

On Jan 10th they started making their cars.

Last year PopPop enjoyed the race so much that he wanted to join Mig so they could race together! Mig is too young to do the Grand Prix unless he races with a grown up. PopPop and Mig decided to make a mustache car!

By the end of the weekend the cars looked like this:

The big race was on February 7th! Selah's group was up first!

Her car was fast! She came in 5th place out of lots of kids!

Then she brought home a 2nd place trophy for AWANA design!!

Next up was Gabe's group!

Each racer gets a card with their name, racing number and three boxes on it. If your car comes in one of the last places in your heat, you get an X on a box. When your card is full of X's, you are done racing. Gabe was so happy! In the past two races, he got his three strikes right away. This year he came in around 8th place!

The last race was PopPop and Mig's race.

Their car did well, too! They came in 7th place....

AND brought home the 3rd place trophy for AWANA design!!

Faith thought it was all super fun!

And she loved snuggling with PopPop!

And here are the races on video!

The races were so fun and exciting!! The kids are already planning next year's cars!

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