Sunday, February 15, 2015

More Christmas!

I have more pictures from our Christmas. Actually, I totally forgot them on my last post. Can't believe it! We had some more sweet moments on Christmas that I just had to share. 

First, Christmas was also the 1 month anniversary of Faith's adoption day!

I just adore that sweet smile!

If you remember, in China, Faith would not let Byron hold her. After we came home Faith would still not let Byron hold her, touch her, sometimes even look at her. There were real attachment issues going on. Finally on December 20th, Faith held out her hands for Dada to hold her, and continued going to him all day! It was a precious moment for the two of them!

By Christmas Faith was getting much more comfortable with Daddy!

But is still a Mommy's Girl!

Mig asked us for a full Darth Vader costume for Christmas. He is the cutest Darth Vader EVER!!

My favorite moment this Christmas was watching Byron teach his sons how to "shave".

Both boys received shaving cream and blade-less razors in their stockings. They had so much fun with them!

It was a really sweet moment!

Mig needed a shave again the next day. Ha! They grow up so fast!!

Such a fun Christmas at home with our crew!

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