Wednesday, February 25, 2015

100th Day of School 2015

On February 6, we celebrated 100 Days of Homeschool!

We started by singing Psalm 100:1-2 by the Rizers. Then we took our Spelling Tests. The kids wanted to know how that was part of the 100th day of school. I told them that it was because they would make 100's on their test. Which they did!! 
Next, we played Roll a Hundred. Each child took a turn rolling two dice, adding up the number and dotting that many on a hundred chart. The first one to dot to one hundred won. Gabe won the game. 

Selah doesn't lose very gracefully - so her eyes are a little red in the next picture - but I promise - they all had fun! 

These are our 100 snacks - a HoHo and chocolate donuts. Not healthy at all, but totally fun!

Next, we made hats! Even Faith had fun with this!

Each hat had 10 strips of paper, and each strip had 10 stickers - so 100 stickers on each hat!

Gabe and Selah also had some fun 100 trivia worksheets. Last, we went to McDonald's for lunch and to Wal-Mart for a short list. At Wal-Mart I had the kids search for 100s. I am so proud of everything the kids have learned this year. Homeschooling has not been easy - we had the trip to China to break our momentum and now a toddler in the mix, so it was nice to celebrate all that has gone well and all they have done despite the "distractions".  It was a fun day!! 

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