Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Home for Christmas

I finally have a moment to make a quick update! There is so much to share from the past month, but I will start with saying Faith is HOME!! 

We left China via the Hong Kong airport at noon on December 5th. 

We arrived in Seattle, Washington around noon on December 5th (crazy - huh) and Faith became an official American Citizen! 

We waited at the Seattle Airport for 3 hours. Did a quick wardrobe change...

(Come on plane - I'm ready to go to Texas.)

Took a little nap....

and then headed to Austin - where we were greeted by a big group of friends and family!!

We were all exhausted, but so happy to be back in Texas! Faith greeted many of our family with a sweet kiss!

It was amazing to have our family of 6 FINALLY all together! 

I will be sharing more about our journey to Faith, the sweet girl that she is and the happenings of the last few weeks since returning home soon. 

Thank you so much to my sweet friend (and my sister's mother-in-law), Galina Stepanova, for being there for Faith's homecoming to snap these sweet pictures. 

There are so many people who made this adoption possible and Byron and I want to express our deepest appreciation to all of you! We had mighty prayer warriors, friends who gave financially, friends who gave sweet gifts, friends who helped by filling our pantry and refrigerator for when we got home, friends who have cooked dinner for us, friends who kept the kids so we could pack, friends who fed our fish and got our mail while we were gone, and so many thoughts and well wishes! You are all part of Faith's amazing story of grace, redemption and love! Thank you all!

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