Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adoption Shower

Ok - I am going to be doing major blog catch up! I have so many pictures and things to share and I want to do them chronologically, so up first is our Adoption Shower!

The weekend before we left for China, my sweet sister, one of my best-est friends, and my Momma through me the most adorable adoption shower you have ever seen!!

The little girls were so excited about celebrating Faith's upcoming arrival:

 The shower was a ladybug and sunflower theme! It was beautiful and Selah and I felt so special! 

I cannot tell you how much I love these ladies! They are each a sweet gift to me!

I thought the timing worked out nicely - if Faith was home, we would have been celebrating her birthday with a party that same weekend - her birthday was the following Thursday! It was almost like having a birthday party for her!

Selah, Charli Kate and Tali helped to open all of Faith's gifts. 

Momma made a gorgeous diaper cake. (I just used the last diaper from it today! Also, the ladybug toy on the top is so cute - but Faith is terrified of it! HA!)

There were so many ladybug themed goodies! 

And we played fun games, too! 

It was an amazing celebration in anticipation of bringing our little girl home. We felt so loved by each person that came, helped plan, and that sent gifts and diapers. It is amazing to know how much support we have had in bringing this precious girl into our family and community. 

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