Monday, October 14, 2013

Remembering Papaw

My favorite person in the world is no longer here. My heart aches for the presence of him here, but at the same time it rejoices in knowing where he is presently. 

I remember as a little girl telling my mom that when I grew up I would marry Papaw (and being quite disappointed when she told me he was already married to Memaw). Papaw was everything you could want in a grandfather. He taught me how to be silly and how to be serious. He did both very well. He loved to read. His favorite thing was to read theology. He studied the Bible his entire life. In the last 5 years he began to lose his eyesight and that depressed him so much because he couldn't read. He was a sweet man who dearly loved his family. He also had a seriously grouchy side. He loved Dr. Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" because he could sympathize so well with the Grinch. 

Papaw served in the Air Force as a chaplain, had 4 children, and was a Methodist Minister. He had 6 grandchildren and 8 (going on 9) great-grandchildren. He loved that Gabe is a musician, that Selah was born with brown eyes like him, and that Mig loved football. They each got a little piece of him. 

On Tuesday, October 1, the family was called to spend Papaw's final days with him. Most of us were able to make it to his bedside. The kids and I told him how much we love him and sang him some of his favorite songs. 

In the end, his heart -which worked so hard his entire life loving God and loving people - gave out on him. He died peacefully on the morning of October 4th with my Memaw at his side.

I will never forget this incredible man. He is gone from our lives, but his legacy of love for God and love for people will live on in our hearts. 
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