Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Texas State Fair

The Friday before Mig's birthday, we went to the Texas State Fair. A friend of mine gave us 4 tickets - such a blessing. The fair was awesome! We got to go with GiGi and PopPop, my sister, Rachel, Will and the triplets! There was so much to see - everyone had a great time!!

We attended a dog show and a bird show, there was a petting zoo and a car show. Something for everyone!

 I loved reading the food booths and seeing all of the different things people have fried. There was fried sandwiches, fried fruits, and fried butter! We stayed with pretty normal food - Byron got a hamburger and the kids and I had the best corn dogs ever. 

Mig's favorite part was Big Tex, who he called the giant cowboy man. He even praised God for "the giant cowboy man" that night. He really was giant! 

The grounds were beautiful! There was art everywhere. 

 I am so glad we were able to go to the fair - what a fun day! 

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