Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family Time

With the events of the past few weeks we have been able to spend a lot of time with extended family. It is always good to see aunts, uncles and cousins - no matter the circumstances. 

Here is a picture of my kids with my beautiful Aunt Suzy. 

I took this picture at the memorial service for Papaw. This is Memaw and her four children. From left to right they are John, Susan, Sarah (my mom) and Michael.

This picture was also taken at the memorial. This is a very extended family which includes one of my great-aunts, some of my mother's cousins and their children.

This picture is my Uncle Mike with my kids. Uncle Mike lives in Colorado and loves to fish. In fact, he has some very beautiful fish tattoos. Mig had not met Uncle Mike yet, but loved him instantly. As soon as we got home, Mig found a temporary tattoo and asked me to place it in the same spot Uncle Mike has his tattoos. I asked him why he wanted it there and he explained that he wants to be like "Uncle Fishy". I guess Uncle Mike has a new name - and a new fan!

Selah spent a lot of time cuddling with her GiGi and PopPop. She was never with out a lap to sit in. Here is a sweet moment where she was stretched out on GiGi's lap with her tiny feet resting on GiGi's (not much bigger) feet. She gets those tiny toes quite naturally!

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