Monday, September 30, 2013

Homeschool Spirit Week

One of my favorite time of years as a high school teacher was homecoming. I loved the Spirit Week when the kids would come to school in their pajamas or with crazy hair, or with grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts. There was so much excitement and energy in the air. I would often come to school as decked out as the kids.

Last year I found out that an online curriculum store was hosting the first ever nation-wide homeschool spirit week. Of course, we participated. When school started this year, one of the first things the kids asked was when we would do spirit week again! Last week was Homeschool Spirit Week and we had so much fun participating!

Monday was Pajama Day! It was also our dentist appointment day, so Gabe wore pjs to his appointment!

Tuesday was Homeschool Away From Home Day, which worked out great because it was also MOMs day. MOMs is a Bible study group for moms and kids and they have a great program for the homeschooling families!

Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day! Gabe had a red and purple faux-hawk, Selah had a purple high bun and Mig had red and purple stripes. 

Thursday was Crazy Sock Day. Here are our socks and GiGi rocked some crazy socks in Belton, too!
Friday was Super Hero Day! Selah wore a tutu, tiara, and a cape. She said she was "Super Ballerina Girl", Gabe was a dashing Superman and Mig was Spiderman!

 Spiderman obviously likes to swing.

It was a fun week of being proud and feeling blessed to be able to be homeschoolers!

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