Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Adoption Agency


When we had finally made the decision to start pursuing adoption now, I began searching for an agency. We didn't know anyone who has adopted from China at the time (though we have met some since) so we didn't have anyone we could ask for suggestions for agencies. So, I went on google and just typed in "China Adoption Agencies" and started going to agency pages and looking around at their sites.

 Once I had found a handful that I thought looked pretty good I started pouring through reviews. You can search and read what adoptive parents have to say about the agencies. Once I had looked at the ratings and reviews I had narrowed my list down to four agencies.

 I contacted each of these agencies using contact information from their websites. One replied with a short, informative email and contact information in case I would like to continue pursuing adoption through them. Another sent an email with a .pdf attachment about their agency. One agency sent a letter, few brochures and an application through the mail. CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International) sent a folder full of detailed information both about their agency and about the process of China Adoption. There was a DVD included in the folder, a book about the founders of CCAI and an application. I was so impressed with the packet of information!! Even more impressive is that nearly every review I read from adoptive parents that used them were glowing. In fact, the more I found out about CCAI, the more impressed I became. 

We filled out the 12 page application and send in our application fee. Our application was approved on May 10, 2013!! Soon after our approval we received our orientation packet, slideshow and a very helpful packet to help us start our dossier. We have completed our 10 hours of required parent training through CCAI and have continued to be impressed and happy with our choice. 

CCAI has been ranked #1 by the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption for overall assessment among the 178 international adoption agencies and countries around the world placing children from China! CCAI has placed 10,000 Chinese children and over 2,000 children with special needs. Not only do they place children, they have a heart for these children. After placement they have an ongoing on-site and long distance cultural and emotional support for the children and their families. They also reach out to children left behind in orphanages. they contribute $500,000 per year to support the orphanages, foster care, medical and educational support. 

You can go HERE to see a video about CCAI and all that they are doing for Chinese Adoption. 

As you can tell, we are very excited to be working with CCAI as we journey to adopt! 

And because no post is complete without a picture, here is picture of our family we submitted to our home study agency and will submit with our Dossier. 

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