Monday, September 12, 2016

The First Day of Home School 2016-2017

Our first day of school came early this year! We started on August 3rd, less than one week after choir camp. 

This year Faith is in Pre-Kindergarten! Last year we called her school "pre-school". This year, it is a little more structured and I really want her to do a little work every day. Her biggest goal is to learn to stay at her desk and work - just during our morning school time. She is working through the Alphabetti books on as well as doing some math workbooks and handwriting sheets. Isn't she the cutest Pre-Kinder you have every seen? 

This is Gabe's first official year as a Middle Schooler! WHAT?!?!
Here is his curriculum:
Math: Saxon 7/6
English/Grammer: Rod and Staff Progressing with Courage
Writing: Writing with Skill
Foreign Language: The Fun Spanish and Espanol para Los Chicos y Grandes
Logic: The Fallacy Detective

Mig is now in First Grade. 
Math: Saxon 1
English/Grammar: First Language Lessons book 1
Writing: Writing with Ease book 1
Foreign Language: Espanol para los chiquitos and Salsa

Selah is in 4th grade! 
Math: Saxon 5/4
English/Grammar: First Language Lessons book 4
Writing: Writing With Ease book 4
Foreign Language: The Fun Spanish and Espanol para los chicos y grandes
Logic: The Fallacy Detective

We do Science, History and Art together. Our text for Science is a Christian World view book called Science in the Ancient World by Dr. Jay Wile. Our History is Mystery of History book 2. We are covering the early church to the Middle Ages this year. 

Cutest class EVER!!

I am so blessed to be able to teach and raise these kids each year! (Many thanks to Byron, who makes it possible!)

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