Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer of 2016 - part 8 - Harry Potter Party

On July 30th, our public library hosted a Harry Potter Birthday Party! 

It was a costume party with a costume contest. Faith dressed as Doby the House Elf, Selah as Luna Lovegood, Gabe as Neville (complete with Trevor the frog) and Mig was a dementor.

Gabe's friend Geoffrey was there as Harry Potter!

They even had the platform 9 3/4! 

There were crafts, a sorting hat, wand making and duels, along with some really fun Harry Potter inspired snacks! 

GiGi came up to watch Faith during choir camp and was able to attend the party with us - which is so fun because she is a big Harry Potter fan, too!!

It really was SO MUCH FUN!! We bought the new book the next week - The Cursed Child - and Gabe read it in ONE DAY! 

Happy birthday, Harry!

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