Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer 2016 Part 7 - The Kingdom Connection

On the last week of July, Gabe, Selah, and Mig went to Choir Camp! This was their 4th Choir Camp and they all had so much fun! Every summer for the past four years, the kids spend a week preparing a musical at our church. On Friday night they present it to friends and family and then on Sunday morning they perform an excerpt for the church. 

The musical this year was about a group of kids going through a Kings of the Bible History Museum. The exhibits were actual people acting as kings of the Bible. Gabe had the roll of Ross who played two roles in the museum. Ross (Gabe) was Samuel the Prophet and Goliath.

The neat thing about Gabe's role this year is that he not only had speaking parts, but also a solo - which he knocked out of the park! 

Anointing Saul: 

Anointing David:

Now he is Ross as Goliath, battling David:

Selah was a dancer and did a beautiful ribbon dance! 

On Sunday morning, the church's photographer, Cynthia Burch took pictures:

A nice close-up shot of  dead Goliath. 

This was the last choir camp these kids will be in together. Next year Gabe will be too old for camp! SO SAD!!!

Here is Gabe's first choir camp - right before his 3rd grade year. He was Simon Peter in the musical, Simon Says. My how he has grown! 

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