Thursday, September 1, 2016

Summer 2016 - Part 6 - Fourth of July at the Lake

Oh - I am so behind here! So part 6 of our Serna Family Summer was 4th of July at the lake. For our anniversary this year we decided to invest in an RV! (We celebrated 18 years on June 20th.)

We have been talking about getting an RV for a few years now and were convinced when we were looking into going on vacation, but were having a hard time finding a place to stay because of the number of kids we have. We realized that if we got an RV, we could bring our accommodations with us!  Our maiden voyage was to Belton Lake. 

It was the perfect location for our first spot - it was not too far for Byron to pull the RV the first time and close to my parents so they could help us set up for the first time - they are experienced RV-ers!

We spent almost a week at the lake. We took nature walks, played outdoor games and had a great, relaxing time!

Here are some pictures of the inside:

The kid's bunk house room:

The living area:

Master bedroom:

Gabe and I found a Geocache at the RV park! 

We enjoyed the deer.

Baylor found his passion - WATER!

We even had a few guests!

Nicol and the boys came one evening to hang out - it happened to be "wear a fedora night". 

And Byron's best bud from high school and best man at our wedding, Shawn, came out for a day with his family. 

Some things never change. 

Faith really loved meeting Cinnamon (Shawn's wife). 

It really was the best family vacation ever! As soon as we got home, I wished to be back at the lake! 

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