Monday, September 12, 2016

Dinosaur Fossil Tour at our Church!

Our first field trip of the year was amazing!!

On August 29th, our church (Denton Bible Church) had a dinosaur fossil tour guided by Creation Scientists from the Institute of Creation Research. It was incredible!! 

This is a T-Rex skull fossil (replica). 

Amazing to see it in our church!

Dr. Tim Clarey was our guide. He is a geology and dinosaur expert. 

This is not a T-Rex, but a smaller dinosaur (I am horrible at dinosaur names). 

This fossil actually shows this ichthyosaurus giving birth! She must have died during childbirth and her babies with her. 

A pre-historic buffalo head skull beside a present day buffalo skull.

We bought a book that Dr. Clarey co-authored and he signed it for the kids and agreed to a picture! Faith was SO excited to meet him! (Not really - I'm not exactly sure why she was smiling so big here! HA!!)

If you have seen the newest Jurassic Park, this is the skull of the water dinosaur right at the end that "saves the day". 

A Triceratops.So cool!! 

The coolest thing is that rather than refute the Bible's accuracy, each of these fossils actually point to Biblical Creation. If you haven't heard of ICR, go to their website: and look around. They have articles beautifully written on each of the areas of science and about evidence of creation. They are all written by real scientists with real degrees, yet easy to understand. Check it out!! 

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