Thursday, June 7, 2012

She Will be Missed

On Friday evening, May 25th my Granny, Ruth Burris, lost her battle with cancer. 

She was an amazing woman full of spunk and humor. Granny was my step grandmother - but the moment I met her, she told me to call her Granny - and she became just that. She was at my high school graduation, my wedding, my college gradutation and in the crowd almost every time I sang. She was at the hospital when my first baby was born and celebrated many of mine and my kiddos birthdays with us. She loved hearing stories of my students when I was teaching and even visited one of my classes bearing hand knit washcloths for each child. When I decided to leave my teaching profession to become a stay-at-home mom, Gabe and I spent many mornings at Granny's house as she patiently and lovingly taught me to knit. Her gifts of hand knit afghans and sweaters were like hugs from Texas when we lived in Colorado. Each and everytime I pick up my knitting needles I think fondly of my Granny. 

Granny had an awesome sense of humor. She loved practical jokes and she loved to laugh. Granny had a little song that she would sing in a very serious, opera voice and everyone that knew her well knows all of the words. It was very fitting that at the Memorial Service to celebrate Granny's life, her grown children sang this sentimental song from the pulpit (be sure to turn up your speakers!):

I feel so blessed that Granny was a part of my life and that my children were also able to know and love her. On the morning after Granny passed away Gabe said a simple touching prayer that pretty much sums it up, "Dear Lord, I thank you that Granny is with you now, and thank you that she will always be in my heart." So beautiful and so true.

Granny will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her, but she will in no way be forgotten.

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